Netflix Docuseries On Life Of Vince McMahon Still In Development

Vince McMahon

An update has been provided regarding a major docuseries that Netflix is working on regarding the life and times of WWE’s Vince McMahon.

For over 40 years, Vince McMahon has been running WWE aside for the last six months or so. That’s because in July 2022, Vince retired from WWE following a June 2022 report from the Wall Street Journal about numerous “hush money payments” that Vince paid to multiple women in the last 20 years for more than $12 million.

To start 2023, Vince is back in the headlines again after pulling a power play of sorts to become the Executive Chairman of WWE again. With Vince back in the executive chair, it effectively pushed his daughter Stephanie McMahon out as the Chairwoman and Co-CEO, which led to her resigning from the company.

Even though Vince McMahon is back in the mix in WWE, Triple H told the talent and staff at Smackdown that he (Triple H) is still running the creative team while Vince’s role is to try to negotiate the best sale for WWE.

In April 2022, Stephanie McMahon talked about how Netflix was going to produce a four-part documentary series (or docuseries for short) about Vince McMahon’s career in WWE and his life. There was a report post-Vince McMahon scandal that the documentary wasn’t going to be done, but apparently, that’s false.

Bill Simmons is a huge sports fan that also loves WWE. Bill runs the popular website known as The Ringer and recently spoke on his podcast about how he’s working on the documentary about Vince while talking about McMahon’s career.

“Vince hasn’t really spoken publicly about all the allegation and the NDAs that he signed, and all that stuff, we haven’t heard him talk about it.”

“He can say, ‘I took a break.’ We probably won’t (hear him talk about it). That’s why I feel like he’s coming back to sell it and then he’s out. He probably just wants to cash in.”

“I think it really probably did bother him though that things were going so well without him. Think about that, he’s had this thing…I’m working on this massive docuseries right now about him, which is, obviously that keeps evolving.”

As Simmons continued, he spoke about how McMahon has been running WWE for so long and how the WWE product has been doing better without Vince at the helm.

“This guy has been doing this since 1976. This is his. This was a local promotion that he blew up into a whole thing. I think he honestly kind of lost it, that it was doing well without him. You have something for five decades and then, ‘Oh, it’s gonna fall apart now.’ No, actually, it’s not gonna fall apart. It’s doing better.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.