More Details On CM Punk’s Issues With Ryan Nemeth

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More details have come to light when it comes to the issues between CM Punk and Ryan Nemeth.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Ryan Nemeth was brought into Greensboro, NC ahead of the August 12th episode of AEW Collision. However, when he arrived, Nemeth was told that he wasn’t needed and that a flight had been booked for him to return home immediately. Nemeth has previously butted heads with CM Punk in the past, calling him out on social media and getting into a backstage confrontation during Punk’s unadvertised appearance on the June 21st Dynamite.

A report from Wade Keller of PWTorch provided backstage details on the confrontation between Nemeth and CM Punk, noting that while the two men shook hands afterwards, tensions remained high.

Dave Meltzer reported on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that there was more to the story than the confrontation that occurred back in June, and now a new report sheds more light on the situation.

Why Did CM Punk Want Ryan Nemeth Sent Home From AEW Collision?

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, one AEW talent provided more insight on why the issues with Punk and Nemeth may have escalated once again. Johnson wrote:

“In regard to the Ryan Nemeth situation, one AEW talent believed that him being sent home may have been precipitated by Nemeth walking around and saying hello to everyone at the hotel before the taping but not stopping and saying hello to CM Punk and others Punk was with.

“The talent noted that several weeks ago, Punk had held a locker room meeting about trying to keep the Collision locker room as drama free as possible and that with Nemeth having knocked Punk on Twitter around the time he returned to the ring in Chicago for the Collision premiere, that would fly in the face of that.

“As we noted yesterday, Punk and Nemeth had a conversation after that Tweet several months back and the belief among a source close to Nemeth was that the two sides were fine. However, the talent who witnessed Nemeth “blow off” Punk and his group (whether purposely or accidental the talent could not say) stated that they could see how Nemeth acting that way would set off Punk, given what he’s tried to set in the Collision locker room.

“The source commented that they weren’t defending Punk, but they could understand the cause and effect there. As we reported yesterday, AEW VP Pat Buck sent Nemeth home last Saturday, telling him he would be working Wednesdays instead.”

The PWInsider report also confirmed that Punk does not want Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels at AEW Collision tapings as he feels it’s unfair that Ace Steel is barred from being backstage when Daniels was also involved in the brawl following All Out.