Montez Ford Reveals If WWE Has Pitched A Street Profits Split

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Montez Ford has lifted the lid on if WWE has ever seriously considered spitting up his Street Profits tag team with Angelo Dawkins.

When it comes to being a cohesive tag team, few teams in WWE history can compare to The Street Profits. Their run as a team started in 2016 and during their time together, they’ve held the NXT, Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

Since 2019, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have been entertaining fans on the WWE main roster. Whether it’s doing a promo or having a match, the fans are always on the side of The Street Profits. Unlike some teams in WWE history, they haven’t turned heel as a team either. They have maintained that babyface role for all this time.

It seems like every time there’s a WWE Draft, there are rumors that “WWE wants to push Montez Ford as a singles wrestler” because we all see how talented he is. The same goes for Dawkins, who might not be as flashy as Ford, but he’s very talented all around as well.

While The Street Profits haven’t been champions since January 2021 (in the dreaded Thunderdome Era), they are still featured on Smackdown including two recent segments with Bobby Lashley teasing a new group that could be some form of The Hurt Business or a group with a new name.

Does WWE Plan To Break Up Montez Ford And Angelo Dawkins?

Even though fans might think WWE has teased the idea of breaking up The Street Profits, Montez Ford revealed to the Getting Over podcast that it has never been pitched to them.

“For us, it’s never been anything that has been pitched or anything like that, but there were a couple of instances where we felt like that were teasing it a little bit.”

“We had some backstage segments where it was, ‘Oh, the draft could split you guys’ or MVP would come up and say, ‘You should be doing this or accepting that.’ There have been instances where people have tried to come in and add their two cents and make it go a certain way, but it never led that way. Very fortunate that it didn’t.”

This past Friday on WWE Smackdown, while Bobby Lashley and Montez Ford were dressed in fancy clothes, Angelo Dawkins was in sweats as usual. That led to Lashley presenting Dawkins with a suit collection that’s on Lashley, which suggests that this group could become very legit very soon.