Montez Ford – “I’ve Always Dreamed Of Being WWE Champion”

montez ford wwe yell

Montez Ford recently spoke about his dream of WWE Champion, but he also knows it might not happen as long as he’s in a tag team.

The WWE roster is full of great athletes that can do so many incredible things when the bell rings. There are many of them have great personalities and can deliver memorable promos when the time is right too.

If you looked at the roster thoroughly, one WWE superstar that really stands out as the total package could be Montez Ford. After all, Ford delivers one of the greatest Frog Splashes that wrestling fans have ever seen, he can dive over the top to the floor at any time and do a lot of basic moves well. Plus, he’s full of energy on the microphone and has a lot of charisma.

In addition to all of that, Montez Ford has also gotten stronger over the years. From the time when The Street Profits (Ford’s team with Angelo Dawkins) formed in 2016, you can see with your own eyes that Ford has gained a lot of muscle since he started in WWE.

As part of The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins have been Raw, Smackdown and NXT Tag Team Titles once each. They’ve actually only won the Raw Tag Team Titles on the main roster while they were handed Smackdown Tag Team Titles after changing brands.

Montez Ford got a chance to show off what he can do as a singles wrestler when he competed in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match back in February. While he failed to win, Ford was impressive in the match while making people wonder how he might do if he got a significant push as a singles wrestler.

Earlier this week, Montez Ford attended the ESPY Awards with his wife Bianca Belair, the former WWE Raw & Smackdown Women’s Champion. In an interview with USA Today, Ford spoke about his singles aspirations.

“As a kid, I’ve always had a dream to become WWE champion, and you can’t do that as a tag team wrestler. You can be a part of a tag team, but it’s just me out there. That’s always been a dream of mine, and that’s one of the things I’m always looking forward to, training for.”

Bianca Belair added that the couple “wants to be champions at the same time.”

While The Street Profits haven’t made a big impact since moving to Smackdown in the recent WWE Draft, they were seen with Bobby Lashley on last night’s Smackdown. That will lead to rumors of a new version of The Hurt Business, which could be huge for everybody involved.