MJF Could Require Surgery

mjf aew injured

MJF could be set for an extended spell out of the ring.

At Worlds End, MJF was finally defeated by Samoa Joe as his 406-day AEW World Title reign came to an end. To make matters worse, the star’s best friend Adam Cole was revealed as The Devil who has been on a mission to make his life hell in recent months.

Before even stepping in the ring with Joe, MJF was legitimately banged up, and dealing with hip and shoulder issues.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that the former champion could need shoulder surgery before getting back in the ring.

“His shoulder is legitimately hurt.

I was told was that he is either going to have to rehab the shoulder, the main problem, or he may need surgery and just judging from how severe it was, he may need (the surgery) and the surgery would put him out for quite a while.

He is still debating which path to take.”

MJF Removed From AEW Roster

In the wake of his defeat at Worlds End, it’s expected that the now-former World Champion will be taking some time off. According to the man himself, this is due to his contract with AEW expiring meaning he’s now a free agent. However, most observers believe there will be no ‘bidding war in 2024’ as the star has already signed a deal with the company.

Despite this, MJF has now been removed from the AEW roster page.

H/t to Wrestle Talk