Samoa Joe Ends MJF’s AEW World Title Reign

Samoa Joe AEW

Samoa Joe made clear ahead of Worlds End, he was only out for himself and it paid off huge in MJF’s hometown of Long Island.

Joe had made his intentions clear when he vacated the ROH World Television Championship that he was only after one title and that was the AEW World Championship held by MJF.

Joe made himself invaluable to MJF as he had to contend with The Devil and his henchmen who were looking to attack at every turn. Samoa Joe offered to team with MJF to defend the ROH Tag Team Championship at Full Gear against The Gunns with Adam Cole still out of action due to serious injury.

MJF had little choice to accept the help, given that he was battling a war with Bullet Club Gold and The Devil at the time but Joe’s price was a shot at the AEW World Championship.

Joe and MJF successfully defended the gold but when it came time to put the AEW World Title match into action, MJF was ready to welch on the deal but was convinced that he had to be a man of his word by his best friend Adam Cole.

Samoa Joe Chokes Out MJF For AEW Gold

Before Worlds End, however, The Devil and his henchmen came into play again with the ROH Tag Team Title up for grabs again. Joe was apparently taken out backstage leaving MJF to go it alone and when a third masked goon got involved, it was all too much for MJF and he lost the title.

Samoa Joe made his way to the ring to clear out the masked men but then slammed a chair into the back of MJF signalling that he’d made a deal with The Devil himself.

At Worlds End in Long Island, New York, Samoa Joe didn’t need any help as he decimated a beaten-up MJF. Ultimately, the Coquina Clutch proved to be the end as MJF’s hand dropped three times and the crowd was stunned into silence as Samoa Joe was declared the winner and new AEW World Champion.

After the match, Joe left leaving Adam Cole to comfort MJF when the masked men approached. Cole initially begged to be smashed with a chair to spare MJF but a tearful MJF begged the men to spare Cole, in the end, he needn’t have bothered.

The lights went out and when they came back on Adam Cole was sitting on the chair with his masked men behind him. They revealed themselves to be Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Wardlow who then took apart MJF. Adam Cole took The Devil’s mask from his jacket and left it next to the now-former AEW World Champion.