The Devil Reveals All To MJF At AEW Worlds End

AEW Devil

The identity of the Devil was finally revealed at the conclusion of AEW Worlds End.

Following months of speculation, the returning Adam Cole was revealed to be the man beneath the mask to the shock of former tag team partner MJF.

Since September, the Devil has led a group of mysterious henchmen in attacking the likes of Adam Page, Billy Gunn, The Acclaimed, Jay White, and, most notably, MJF.

Initially, fans believed the Devil may have been AEW President Tony Khan in a rehash of the legendary Austin vs McMahon storyline in WWE, whilst others rumoured to be underneath the ominous hood were Samoa Joe, Jack Perry, and Dr. Britt Baker.

The reveal was finally made after MJF had lost his AEW World Heavyweight Championship to Samoa Joe in the main event of Worlds End.

Cole appeared in the ring after the match but both he and MJF were subdued by the villainous masked henchmen. The arena lights temporarily went out and all was revealed when they returned, with Cole revealed as the Devil, surrounded by the now unmasked quartet of The Kingdom, Roderick Strong and Wardlow. The men delivered a vicious beatdown of MJF to close the show.

AEW’s Devil Adam Cole Speaks Of Challenging Injury

Prior to his unmasking as the Devil, Cole had been missing from the ring since breaking his ankle at AEW Grand Slam on 20th September.

Cole, who has a difficult track record with injuries, recently revealed that the latest layoff was the most challenging of his career.