MJF Announces Kangaroo Kick T-Shirt

aew mjf adam cole double clothesline

MJF has released a new piece of merchandise to celebrate his new signature move.

Following much anticipation, The Kangaroo Kick made its debut at Wembley Stadium in the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship match to the delight of the tens of thousands in attendance. The kick was delivered to both members of the Aussie Open simultaneously, allowing the set-up for the devastating Double Clothesline to allow MJF and Adam Cole to win the match and the titles.

The World Champion has now revealed on social media that fans can also challenge their inner Devil by purchasing his brand-new T-shirt. The design is a black shirt with a white outline of a kangaroo wearing a Burberry scarf. The new shirt can be purchased by clicking this link.

The Devil will hope that the new merch sells as well as the Better Than You Bay Bay shirt, which is one of the top sellers in 2023 despite only being made available for a couple of months.

MJF Leaves Wembley Stadium A Double Champion

The ending of the pre-show saw the World Champion and Cole not only win the titles but keep their friendship firmly intact, leading fans to speculate what would happen in the main event when the best friends competed against each other for the Triple B.

Throughout the match MJF was continually conflicted, hesitating to hit the more devastating moves onto Cole when he normally wouldn’t think twice about executing it on another opponent. The devastating Double Clothesline would factor into the main event, resulting in both competitors pinning each other and facilitating a draw. Cole demanded 5 more minutes, with the champion declaring that it would go to sudden death.

The World Champion managed to win the match with a roll-up, leaving Adam Cole dejected at the result. Just as it looked like the friendship would implode, the main eventers hugged it out as the show went off the air, bonded by their respect for one another.