MJF & Adam Cole Merchandise Proving To Be Hot Seller For AEW

mjf adam cole aew hug

The tag team of MJF and Adam Cole are proving to be very popular on television as well as moving merchandise for AEW.

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, the AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) and Adam Cole were in the finals of the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament with the winners receiving a Tag Team Championship match.

While MJF and Cole did battle in a 30-minute match on Dynamite recently, they have turned into a cohesive team that gets along great and works together well in the ring. The fans are really getting behind them as well.

There have also been weekly out of the ring segments featuring MJF and Cole hanging out in restaurants, playing video games together and bonding as friends.

Prior to their tag team match on this week’s Dynamite, they had matching tights and matching jackets. Cole also had a remix play of their theme songs, which MJF loved. There was also a dance off with their opponents Sammy Guevera & Daniel Garcia with Cole showing that dancing is not a strength of his. It was a lot of comedy before a big match.

MJF and Adam Cole got the win over Sammy Guevera & Daniel Garcia by using a double clothesline that MJF wanted to do for three weeks and they were never able to do it until this week. The fans absolutely loved it as well even though MJF is known for being a despicable heel that says mean things about the fans for the past four years.

It was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week that the MJF & Adam Cole “Better Than You Bay Bay” shirt has sold really well.

“The MJF & Adam Cole T-shirt “Better than You Bay Bay” in the last few weeks since the release has sold more numbers of shirts than any AEW shirt has for all of 2023. It’s also the shirt that has been pushed harder than any shirt on the Dynamite show, particularly by MJF last week. It is the second highest grossing shirt of the year behind an MJF button down shirt that has a higher price point.”

As for what’s next for MJF & Cole, winning the Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournaments means they get an AEW World Tag Team Title match against FTR on AEW Collision on Saturday, July 29th.

While some fans might want to see MJF & Cole win the AEW Tag Team Titles later this month, it’s also possible that MJF could turn on his partner, who he sees as a threat to the AEW World Title.

Not satisfied with his current line-up, the World Champion has announced that his latest piece of merch will honour one of his signature moves.