MJF Admits AEW Has Been Rebuilding


AEW World Champion MJF has not shied away from the fact the company has been going through its difficulties but thinks they’re now out the other side.

AEW has not been a steady ship for some time and could even trace some of its troubles back to Cody Rhodes leaving the company to return to WWE in early 2022.

If Tony Khan thought that would be as bad as things got that year, he was sadly mistaken. MJF seemed to walk away from the company before his Double Or Nothing match with Wardlow before disappearing for the summer. When he returned, disaster struck as CM Punk was involved in a backstage fight with The Elite, signalling the beginning of the end of his time in AEW even if nobody knew that then.

CM Punk was then fired by AEW after another backstage altercation, this time with Jack Perry at All In. The knife was well and truly twisted into Tony Khan’s company when CM Punk stunned the world by returning to WWE at Survivor Series.

MJF Says AEW Is Building Momentum

Speaking on the SI Media podcast, MJF admitted that for a while AEW seemed to be rebuilding but thinks the company is now building momentum at the end of 2023 and he’s proud to be leading the charge as AEW World Champion:

I feel like the company (AEW) right now, there was a minute there I felt like we were kind of in this rebuild phase and I feel like right now, we’re really building some serious momentum.

There are fans online that say, ‘Restore the feeling’ and I dig that line and I am pumped because I feel like we are and we have and we’re continuing to do so and I’m proud to be at the helm of that.

How long MJF will remain at the helm of AEW remains to be seen. MJF claims he has not yet signed a new AEW deal and that his current contract expires on January 1st – just two days after he puts his gold on the line against Samoa Joe at Worlds End.

h/t POST Wrestling