Mick Foley Refused Bizarre Jimmy Kimmel Show Chair Shot

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Despite being known for taking some crazy punishment in his matches, there was one point where Mick Foley had to say no.

Whether it’s his teeth sticking out of his face or blood matting his hair, there are plenty of iconic images which can be conjured up from the hardcore antics of Mick Foley. However, there has to come a point in time where everyone says no to something, and for Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy there was only one occasion he can remember.

In a discussion on his Foley Is Pod podcast, Mick Foley revealed that he was asked to take a chair shot whilst on the Jimmy Kimmel show, however he refused due to concerns over what the person giving the chair shot would do.

I can’t think of one. Yeah, I cannot think of one. For example, I’ll give you an example of something that I did say no to so people know, so it’s not just a blank check. Is that when I was co hosting the Jimmy Kimmel show, they had gimmicked steel chair. And I said, But what about the rim of the chair? What about that, you know, and they were like, Oh, I said, yeah, if he misses me, it’s gonna split my head wide open. And he’s got no history whatsoever in using it. Not talking about Jimmy, Jimmy wasn’t gonna hit me.

So I said no to a chair shot, even though it was a gimmick chair, because I was afraid, you know, I had no biases, what if he misses and I thought there was a good chance he would miss and the lip of the chair I mean, 27 stitches against Terry Funk, that opened me up like a can of sardines.

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