Mick Foley Has Unique “Dream Match” Idea With Current WWE Star

Mick Foley

Hardcore Legend Mick Foley has been discussing the possibility for a dream match against one of WWE’s most unique Superstars.

The Hall of Famer retired from in-ring action in 2012 after being unable to compete against Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose).

After the success of The Undertaker’s cinematic style last match against AJ Styles, there could be a possible ‘final match’ for the Three Time WWE Champion.

Mick Foley took part in a fans ask anything episode of Foley Is Pod and was asked which of his alter ego’s would be the most successful if coming up against The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

Foley shared praise for Wyatt’s work rate and creativity whilst admitting Mankind would be the character who could push The Fiend in a “monster movie” of a match.

“If I was wrestling Bray Wyatt, it would have to be Mankind. It would have a feeling of a monster movie, and maybe we can take some creative liberties as far as the indestructible aspect goes. I think we would have pushed each other to do really great promos, and we would have paid it off in the ring.”

As he continued, Mick Foley spoke about how he was blown away by the Bray Wyatt character.

“When I finally got to see this guy [on WWE NXT], I was blown away. I felt awful for him when people chanted Husky Harris, which seems like a dirty thing to do to a hardworking guy who’s trying to do something fun and original. Thankfully, they got over that soon, but it was unfortunate that he was treated that way.”

Bray Wyatt has not competed since feuding with LA Knight and is a free agent after not being selected by either Raw or Smackdown during the recent Draft.

According to Hall of Famer Road Dogg Jesse James, WWE have brought in a writer to work closely with Wyatt.

H/t to Sescoops