Mick Foley On Two Things He Wishes He Didn’t Do In His Career

mick foley Cactus Jack WWE

Mick Foley was known for being one of the toughest wrestlers ever during his in-ring career, but there are two things he wishes he didn’t do.

If you watched Mick Foley’s WCW run as Cactus Jack or his WWE days under the monikers of Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love then you know he wasn’t afraid to do anything to entertain the fans. Foley was also well-known for having Japanese Death Matches as well, which caused serious damage to him. Foley also lost part of his ear during a WCW match with Vader too.

At King of the Ring 1998, Mick Foley wrestling as Mankind took some of the craziest bumps in pro wrestling history. He was thrown off the Hell in a Cell onto a table on the floor and even worse was the Chokeslam through the cage that sent him crashing to the mat. Some people thought he was dead, yet somehow Foley was able to continue.

One of Foley’s most famous WWE matches was at Royal Rumble 1999 when he faced The Rock in an “I Quit” Match. During that match, Rock handcuffed Foley’s hands behind him and beat him up with about a dozen chair shots to the head that were all unprotected chair shots as well.

During a new episode of “Foley is Pod on which will be released to podcast outlets everywhere, Mick Foley talked about some of the things he wishes he did differently in his career.

“I never liked the fire. I did it. I never felt comfortable with it.”

“So I could have done things that were healthier, but then I’m not the guy who got to the dance. You know, those were the things that brought me there. I wish I had not dropped elbows on the concrete in non-televised matches and used it less on TV also, and I wish I’d brought up the hand because here was no correlation to me between guys who blocked or did not block chair shots and guys who got over big time, because the guys who were the biggest stars in the business did block the chairs, and no one thought any less of them.”

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