Mercedes Mone Opens Up About Being Told Her Career Was Over

Mercedes Mone entrance AEW Dynamite

Mercedes Mone has recalled her injury struggles.

At AEW Dynamite Big Business, Mercedes Mone finally became All Elite after months of speculation regarding her next move.

The star opened the show with an address to the AEW faithful before also closing the show by coming to the aid of Willow Nightingale after she was attacked by Julia Hart and Skye Blue.

Mone’s journey to AEW has been far from straightforward after she broke her ankle in a match against Nightingale back in May 2023.

Speaking ahead of her AEW debut, Mone recalled being told by doctors that the injury was “career-ending” — something she was determined not to accept. In a new interview with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated, Mone went into more detail about her injury and proving her surgeon wrong.

“I got an MRI in May, and the surgeon told me, ‘This is career-ending,’” said Moné. “That was the biggest shock in my whole life. I’d never really been injured like this before. My worst injury before this was from Hell in a Cell in 2019, when my pelvis was out of place for eight months.

This was so much more painful. People thought it was just a broken ankle. I was non-weight bearing for three months. It was a fight every day.

Mercedes Mone On Why She Joined AEW

During the same interview, Mone said she was inspired to join the promotion by the existing women’s division.

“I want to be here, I need to be here, and it’s because of the women’s division,” said Moné. “The women here laid the foundation. They’re the reason I want to be in AEW. We’re going to make so much magic here.”

It’s been reported that Mercedes Mone has actually been under AEW contract for several months.