Mercedes Moné Makes AEW Debut At Big Business (VIDEO)

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Mercedes Mone is officially part of All Elite Wrestling after making her debut on the “Big Business” episode of AEW Dynamite.

It was reported on New Year’s Day that Mercedes Mone had struck a deal with All Elite Wrestling and ever since then, there was a lot of anticipation about what she might do when she gets there.

The AEW Big Business show was announced for Wednesday, March 13 in Mone’s hometown of Boston and that led to the obvious situation that meant AEW would debut Mone on that date.

At the start of AEW Dynamite in Boston, a new theme song played where the letters “CEO” were shouted repeatedly and that led to Mercedes Mone making her official AEW debut.

Mone: “Boston…I’m home.” Fans chanted “welcome home” to her. Mone thanked the fans for having her back these past two years. Mone thanked the fans for giving her the courage and strength to be there for all of her lows, highs, milestones and moments while she thanked the fans again. Mone said that they are going to be creating so much magic and so many moments together. Mone told the fans that they are the reason that she is here.

Mone told the fans that she loved them. Mone said if you only knew how much tonight means to her and how much wrestling means to her. Mone spoke about how wrestling has changed and saved her life. She said it has given her hope and to dream and people like Eddie Guerrero made her believe that she can do this one day too. There were “Eddie” chants.

As she continued, Mone said her dreams made her a leader of a revolution and main event a pay-per-view in this very building. Mone said she had a dream at 10 years old, then at 13 years old she dropped out of school to take care of her brother and she told her brother Joshua that she loved him. Mone said that she trained at Chaotic Wrestling in Massachusetts and had a dream to become the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. Mone said if she can do it then you can do it too.

The promo continued with Mone saying it was time to get to business. Mone said she needed to be here and she wants to be here. Mone talked about how AEW is the only place where this revolution can be global while saying she’s going to make it happen. Mone said that she can’t wait to tear it up with everybody in the locker room.

That led to Mone mentioning Riho and Willow Nightingale having a match later in the show. Mone said that she has unfinished with Willow. Mone said that right now, Mercedes Mone is All Elite and the graphic was shown on screen. Mone invited the fans to say hello to your new CEO. Mone took off her jacket to reveal an interesting white/gold outfit while her “CEO” song played as the fans chanted along with it.

After the main event that saw Willow Nightingale beat Riho, Mercedes Mone appeared again when Willow was attacked by TBS Champion Julia Hart and Skye Blue. Mone cleared the ring and celebrated to end the show.

Tony Khan Welcomes Mercedes Moné To AEW

As is usually the case after a wrestler makes their debut, AEW’s Owner Tony Khan tweeted that Mercedes Mone was officially All Elite.

It’s official: @MercedesVarnado is ALL ELITE!

Welcome to @AEW, Mercedes Moné! #AEWDynamite on @TBSNetwork#AEWBigBusiness