McMahon Family Member Drops WWE WrestleMania 40 Tease

WWE WrestleMania 40 logo over blurred background

One of the members of the McMahon family has dropped a hint about WrestleMania 40.

Back in 2023, Declan McMahon declared himself the “rightful heir” to WWE. Declan is the son of Shane McMahon and the oldest grandson of Vince McMahon. He has made several appearances on WWE TV, first as a baby in the opening of WrestleMania 20 and accompanied his father to the ring for his match against The Undertaker at the 32nd edition of the annual spectacular. McMahon also appeared with some of his friends in the front row for Fastlane in 2023.

Since Vince McMahon resigned from the TKO Board amid horrific accusations of misconduct, no McMahon has been involved in WWE for the first time since it’s creation. However, Declan has hinted this could change, posting on social media that WrestleMania is coming up and you “never know what could happen.”

“WrestleMania 40 Weekend coming up!Never know what could happen.”

Declan McMahon Visited WWE Performance Center

While there’s no word on if he has had any pro wrestling training, Declan McMahon confirmed he had visited the WWE Performance Centre back in 2023.

“I went down there once and I mean, it’s gorgeous, right? Obviously being in Florida, Florida is one of the best places to live with state tax and everything but the performance center is gorgeous. The weight room in there is amazing. Obviously, they got a ton of rings and it’s just great because obviously when you’re wrestling, it’s not only about how you look, it’s how safe you can be and how you can protect who you’re in the ring with.”

“I think they do a phenomenal job in the sense of just learning the ring because what you see, there’s countless hours that those guys put in just making sure that everything’s going to go according to plan. I think the performance center does a really great job and it’s a work of art.”