Declan McMahon Confirms Visit To WWE Performance Center

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Vince McMahon’s oldest grandson Declan McMahon is impressed by the WWE Performance Center.

Declan McMahon is the oldest of Shane McMahon’s three sons and the oldest of Vince McMahon’s six grandchildren. Fans of WWE will remember the opening shot of WrestleMania 20 in 2004 when Vince & Shane appeared together holding a newborn Declan.

At the WWE Fastlane Premium Live Event in Indianapolis, Declan McMahon was seated in the front row along with his friends because he’s a student at Indiana University. At Indiana, Declan red-shirt freshman running back on the football team.

As for his education, Declan is attending IU’s Kelley School of Business where he’s a business management major.

In an interview with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald, Declan McMahon spoke about being impressed by the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

“I went down there once and I mean, it’s gorgeous, right? Obviously being in Florida, Florida is one of the best places to live with state tax and everything but the performance center is gorgeous. The weight room in there is amazing. Obviously, they got a ton of rings and it’s just great because obviously when you’re wrestling, it’s not only about how you look, it’s how safe you can be and how you can protect who you’re in the ring with.”

“I think they do a phenomenal job in the sense of just learning the ring because what you see, there’s countless hours that those guys put in just making sure that everything’s going to go according to plan. I think the performance center does a really great job and it’s a work of art.”

Declan McMahon Feels Like He Can Carry On The McMahon Family Legacy

During a previous interview, Declan McMahon also spoke about how he would be the best of the “next generation” McMahon kids. Shane McMahon and his wife have three sons while Stephanie McMahon and husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque have three daughters. In Declan’s opinion, he was asked about who among the grandkids would be best suited for WWE.

“Oh, probably me. I mean, the story, the story’s already written, right? I mean, the rightful heir, the good-looking — the one who looks like Vince, right? So, I think, just in the sense that you could play off the WrestleMania 20 [intro], right, like I posted on Twitter, right? You could play that off and just show that like, the new generation [of] McMahon has arrived. I think in that sense, I would.”

“We have such a great family, and we’re all so supportive of each other. So I think, I think really, any of us could potentially want to do it. You know, I know Aurora, Paul’s oldest daughter, Triple H’s oldest daughter, she’s always talked about wanting to do it, but in having my dad and my grandpa’s ego, I think I’d be the best.”

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