Maven On Scary Fan Encounter – “He Put A Gun Directly To My Forehead”


Maven recalled a terrifying incident where he had a gun held to his head by a deranged fan.

The life of a WWE Superstar comes with a fair amount of recognition, even for those not in the main event scene. Speaking in a recent video on his YouTube channel, Tough Enough winner Maven detailed a terrifying encounter with a fan while he was at home with his then-girlfriend.

“Let me tell you about the time that my privacy was gone and gone for good. Let me set the scene here. So I had just broken my leg wrestling Christian and I was in a cast. It was late at night and I was on the porch with my girlfriend at the time. We were doing what we did every night, enjoying a nice summer evening. Out of nowhere a figure dressed in all black walks up onto the porch I immediately jumped up to shield her and he put a gun directly to my forehead.”

Maven Says The Scary Encounter Wouldn’t Have Taken Place If He Weren’t In WWE

Continuing, Maven made it clear that this wasn’t a random encounter; this was a WWE fan who knew his name, and left him with chilling words.

“You might be thinking Maven, maybe this was just an act of randomness. It was not because he said my name. He immediately told me he wanted money, I had just bought a new car and offered that to him. He told me he didn’t want that, and as he turned to walk away he said a couple of words that take away every bit of security that I had.

“He pointed the gun at me as he was backing off the porch and he said ‘Maven. I got you anytime I want you.’ That echoed in me and that still gets to me to this day. After that night I never went to sleep until it was daylight in that house and I never walked to and from my car without a firearm on my hip. My life, my safety, the girl I was dating at the time, her safety was in someone else’s hands. This was definitely something that would never have happened if I did not become a WWE wrestler.”

Maven has found a career resurgence as a YouTube personality, opening up about his time in WWE and giving fans a glimpse behind the curtain. Maven candidly discussed his own steroid use in a previous video, and also discussed how much money he made during his WWE career.

h/t Inside the Ropes