Matt Riddle Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle has his say following a sexual misconduct allegation resurfacing.

Matt Riddle is no longer with WWE after he was released along with a host of other stars in September. Riddle was possibly the highest-profile name let go by the company but according to one report the star had “burned through too many chances” during his time in WWE.

Now a historic sexual misconduct allegation made against Matt Riddle has come to light. David Bixenspan has reported on an allegation that Riddle changed in front of women in the women’s locker room at a show back in 2016. Malia Hosaka, an independent wrestler who worked the Queen of Combat portion of a double header show with PWK recalled what she alleges happened in the locker room:

“We were all in there, our show was going on. I didn’t know who he was, but I was sitting with my feet propped up and eyes closed. When I opened them[,] he was on my right stripped down to his underwear and I got mad at the lack of respect from today’s generation. For him to come into the locker room to change while the women had the room[,] and to strip down and change was disrespectful.

“There was a bathroom down the hall that fans couldn’t get to that he could have used. [In m]y generation[,] the men and women respected each other enough to at least ask if it was ok or to ask for privacy. It pissed me off[,] and then his attitude that he had underwear on and that it wasn’t a big deal pissed me off more[,] so I told him how I felt about the lack of respect.”

Matt Riddle gives his side of the story

Matt Riddle responded to the allegation, noting that he doesn’t even consider what happened to be an incident of any kind:

“The PWX thing wasn’t even an incident[,]” claimed Riddle when reached for comment via text message. “[T]here was only one locker room (which isn’t uncommon on the indies unfortunately) [and] the promoter told me to change in there[,] so I did. Malia confronted me on my way out, I explained that the promoter told me to go change in there and she talked to the promoter and that was the end of it.”

Bixenspan’s report counters that according to other sources, things could not have happened as Matt Riddle describes as PWX shows with women on them seemingly always had two locker rooms, and the venue the shows were held in had multiple spare rooms regardless.