Logan Paul Provides Injury Update And Rehab Process

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Logan Paul has given a positive injury update that gives a timeline for his return that is much shorter than what was initially feared.

At WWE Crown Jewel three weeks ago, Logan Paul had a very impressive showing as he challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the match. After a back-and-forth match that went over 20 minutes with Logan proving he belonged, he came up short, but he impressed a lot of people along he way.

The spot of the match in the eyes of most people was when Paul went to the top rope with a cell phone in hand so that he could film himself hitting a Frog Splash on Reigns as the two men went crashing through the commentary table at ringside.

After the show, Logan announced that he suffered a knee injury with some initial fears that it was potentially a major injury like a Torn ACL, which could mean an extended absence of about nine months. However, Logan’s brother Jake said that Logan was doing a lot better than expected.

Logan has provided an injury update on his vlog where he spoke about suffering a knee injury during the match with Reigns.

“As everyone knows, I ended up tearing my knee, and I actually told my manager during the match. What was I going to do, stop? No, everyone was looking at me and I still had a five-star frog splash to hit.”

The video that Paul posted also features comments from a doctor telling Logan about the injury.

“You have a significant tear of the MCL, you have what we call a Grade 3, which is almost a complete tear of the MCL. We’re going to treat this with a brace and rehab, it’s going to take a minimum of six weeks for this to heal fully.”

An injury recovery of at least six weeks is a lot better than what was initially feared when Logan first talked about the injury after the match.

As he continued, Logan spoke about how he has been treating his injured knee.

“I’ve been soaking my knee in rice, it’s working, I’ve been going to physical therapy every day and sports rehab, it’s been great thus far. As of now, it looks like I’ll be back to the WWE, sometime in…”

At that point, the video stopped and there was a plug for some merchandise, which was his way of not telling the viewers when he might be back in a WWE ring.

Logan’s Youtube vlog about the Crown Jewel match and his injury can be seen below.

Recently, Logan Paul also said he wanted to wrestle John Cena in WWE, which could happen someday since Logan is expected to be part of WWE for a very long time after signing a contract in June 2022.