LA Knight Hits Out “Piece Of S*** Move” By Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash LA Knight

LA Knight doesn’t care for Kevin Nash.

Back in July with LA Knight’s popularity at its peak, Kevin Nash said the star was nothing more than a “ripoff of The Rock.” Although Nash later said he didn’t even watch SmackDown, Knight was less than impressed by the comments.

Although things have been quiet in recent months, it seems that Knight hasn’t forgotten what the WWE Hall of Famer had to say.

Appearing on the Gorilla Position podcast, Knight said he hasn’t spoken to Nash but called what he did a “piece of sh*t move.”

“No, but I’ve had conversations with his friends about it and they’ve all been like, ‘Ah, don’t listen to this stuff.’ Whatever. What am I going to do, worry about that? In a certain sense, there is one part of me that’s like, if this guy wants to take food off my table, that’s cool. It’s a piece of shi* move, but that’s cool. At the same time, why am I going to bother thinking too much about it?”

Kevin Nash Shares Real Reason He Missed Sting’s Final Match

Speaking on his own podcast, Kevin Nash broke down the real reason why he didn’t attend Sting’s final match. Nash said Sting wanted to be physically involved, and that’s something he wasn’t comfortable with.

The former nWo star added that he could have attended but didn’t want to go to an event where he’d be surrounded by people.

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