Kurt Angle Names Surprising WWE Superstar With Main Event Potential

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle believes that WWE should strap the rocket onto Ricochet.

Having been a part of the main roster for over 4 years, the high-flyer has captured the Intercontinental and United States Championships but has yet to win the big one. Unfortunately for Ricochet, the only title match he has been a part of would be a night that he would like to forget, as he was squashed by WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in 95 seconds at Super ShowDown 2020.

While the company seems hesitant to pull the trigger on Ricochet, Angle sees the potential. Speaking on the Grue Rume Show, the Hall of Famer is a big fan of the former Intercontinental Champion’s work and wants to see him placed in more high-profile matches:

“I like watching Kenny Omega wrestle for AEW. He’s a great wrestler. A great athlete. I love the guys, wrestlers like Ricochet in WWE. I think he’s really underrated. I think a guy like that can be a huge main eventer for the company and draw a lot of money for them. The matches that he has are just incredible.”

Will Kurt Angle Ever Return To Wrestling?

With wrestling retirements rarely ever being permanent, fans have wondered whether the loss to Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 39 really was the final outing for the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle has stated that a comeback does look extremely unlikely at this point as multiple injuries and surgeries have been necessitated due to decades of amateur and professional wrestling.

Angle was also on the show to discuss his new documentary which is available now to anyone who is subscribed to Peacock.

H/t to Wrestling News