Kurt Angle And Director Discuss New “Angle” Documentary

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A new Kurt Angle documentary is set to premiere, so the WWE Hall of Famer and the director have given fans some insight into what it’s about.

Over the past few weeks, WWE television shows have been showing preview clips of a new documentary about Kurt Angle’s life that is simply called “Angle.” It’s available now on Peacock for those of you that have that service. The recent Cody Rhodes documentary on Peacock has been praised heavily among wrestling fans.

During his incredible career as a pro wrestler, Kurt Angle was regarded as one of the best overall performers in the history of the business and was especially known for being one of the best in-ring performers ever. Angle ended up as a WWE & TNA Hall of Famer who actually spent more years in TNA/Impact than he did in WWE.

Prior to WWE, Angle was a successful amateur wrestler that was great in college and would go on to win an Olympic Gold Medal in freestyle with a “broken freakin’ neck.” He may have mentioned that a few times in the last 25 years.

On a new episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast available on AdFreeShows and podcast outlets everywhere, Angle spoke about the documentary covering his life story.

“It’s a really great documentary. It’s really well put together. Alex Perry did an incredible job. It’s about a story about a kid with a dream, and you know, he had a lot of mishaps along the way, broken necks, you know, issues with drugs. It’s about overcoming obstacles.”

“I am so proud of this documentary. I honestly believe it’s one of the best and Ric Flair quoted this, ‘It makes my documentary look pretty lame.’ That’s what Ric Flair said, and think about what Ric went through. I commend Ric for saying that, but I don’t think mine is nearly as intense as Ric Flair’s life, but Ric Flair seems to think so.”

Kurt Angle Praised By Director For Being So Open During Filming Of Documentary

The director of the documentary is Alex Perry, who was on Kurt’s podcast to talk about filming the project.

“So my favorite part, I would say there’s no question it was interviewing Kurt for the three days we interviewed him where one of them was eight hours straight. It was very grueling. In a documentary where the subject is telling their story from a first person perspective, that is the crux of the documentary, and based on that person’s storytelling ability is what makes the documentary fly or not fly. Everything else that I was able to put together, all the pieces in the documentary, all came from the centerpiece, which was Kurt’s interview.”

“I did not expect him to pour himself out as much as he did for us. I will say this. I bugged Kurt for years. I texted him questions probably every day for three years straight. He was always responsive. He was never short with me and always gave me the information I needed. Whatever my documentary is next, he set a high bar for the subject and I’m probably going to be disappointed when that next person does get back to me all the time with a bunch of questions.”

“But to get back to the original question, my favorite thing was Kurt’s three-day interview that we did. I believe one was eight hours straight and the other one was like seven hours straight. It’s a very unique experience when the subject is looking right into the lens like Kurt does in this movie, because I’m actually looking at Kurt through a mirror while he’s speaking. It’s an extremely unique experience. especially when you’re in that position for nine hours straight.”

“The way Kurt was able to deliver his story, I think, is the reason that it’s going to resonate with people and the reason that I hope it inspires and lasts for years to come.”

Check out the preview of the “Angle” documentary below.