Kevin Owens Addresses Recent Injury Reports – “It Really Changes By The Day”

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Kevin Owens has commented on the recent knee injury that he dealt with going into Survivor Series while admitting he’s had knee issues recently.

When WWE announced the WarGames match taking place at Survivor Series, the plan was for Kevin Owens to make his WWE return after several weeks off and become the fifth member of the babyface team challenging The Bloodline in the WarGames match. However, Owens suffered a knee injury during a WWE live event and there were questions about if he could make it to Survivor Series.

The good news is that Owens was just fine as he returned to WWE TV on the November 18th episode of Smackdown as the fifth member of The Brawling Brutes team.

At Survivor Series in the Men’s WarGames match, Owens nearly got the best of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns after he hit a Stunner, but Sami Zayn saved The Bloodline’s leader by stopping the referee’s count. Zayn would go on to hit his best friend Owens with a low blow uppercut and a Helluva Kick leading to Jey Uso hitting a top rope Uso Splash on Zayn for the pinfall win.

Kevin Owens got through Survivor Series without any injury because he wrestled Jey Uso in a 22-minute match on this past Monday’s Raw. Owens picked up the win in that match.

During WWE’s After The Bell podcast hosted by Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, the 38-year-old Owens talked about trying to overcome knee and back injury issues.

“I guess I’m fine, I think (laughs). It really changes by the day. You could ask me that question tomorrow and I’m feeling awful, but today I’m okay. I’ll get out of my car and my back could be shot and I’m not aware until I start walking. The last few months have been interesting in that aspect. I’ll wake up fine and by 2 o’clock, my knees don’t work.”

“It really hasn’t started hitting me until recently, honestly. These weird aches and pains will come and go. In this moment, I’m sitting in my truck, I feel great.”

Owens spoke about how he felt going into the Raw main event match against Jey Uso.

“My back was really bothering me going into it [WWE Raw], already, and I’ve had knee issues the last few weeks. I went in feeling pretty beat up, but it worked out really good and I think everyone enjoyed the match, and so did I. It’s nice to walk away from it all with people enjoying what you do.”

In other news coming out of Survivor Series, there was apparently an issue with Roman Reigns getting mad about Kevin Owens hitting him in the eardrum during an exchange they had. There were some words exchanged between Reigns and others, but cooler heads prevailed. Everything appears to be fine as WWE plans to feature Owens more as a future contender for the two titles held by Reigns. As we have reported previously, WWE has big plans for the Reigns-Owens rivalry going into next year.

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