Kevin Nash Is A “Huge Fan” Of Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega

Kevin Nash has a surprising reason for praising Kenny Omega.

Omega is widely seen as one of the greatest talents in wrestling today due to his history of critically acclaimed matches against the likes of Kazuchika Okada, Bryan Danielson, and Will Ospreay.

However, on the latest edition of ‘Kliq This,’ Kevin Nash cited Omega’s controversial match against a young girl back in 2011 when he was a mainstay in Japan.

“Has anybody seen the match that Kenny Omega had with an 8-year-old Japanese girl? I watched it last night, and some of that sā€“t looked stiff.”

Nash explained that bout showed Omega could have a match with anyone, something that reminds him of his friend and nWo teammate Sean Waltman.

The fact The Best Bout Machine would even agree to it was a big plus in Nash’s book and even added to his reasons for naming the star as his favourite wrestler.

“Kenny reminds me of Sean Waltman ā€” where he can just have a match with anybody. I’ve always been a huge fan of Kenny’s because of the fact that Kenny would even do that match. [It] was another notch in why he’s my favorite [wrestler].”

Kenny Omega set for huge match at AEW WrestleDream

The former AEW World Champion will continue his feud with Don Callis and his ‘Family’ at AEW WrestleDream. There he will team up with longtime ally Kota Ibushi and former enemy Chris Jericho to take on his recent rivals Will Ospreay and Konosuke Takeshita as well as Sammy Guevara.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.