Kenny Omega To Will Ospreay: “You’re Unstable And That’s Why You Fail”

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has accused Will Ospreay of being “unstable” and “unintelligent” ahead of their US Championship clash at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

After months of ill-tempered exchanges online, Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega will finally meet in the ring in a highly-anticipated IWGP United States Championship match at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17.

In his video challenging Ospreay to the bout, Omega accused The Commonwealth Kingpin of being the cause of smaller and quieter crowds, saying it was time for him to return and “save” the promotion.

Now in an (in-character) interview on NJPW’s English-language website, Kenny Omega has gone much further.

First, The Cleaner explained that stars like Jon Moxley have been trying and failing to follow in his footsteps by entering the G1 Climax tournament.

“I’m starting to hear all these stories about people that want to do what Kenny did, live the lifestyle that Kenny lived. I first heard that with Mox, when AEW first started. He said ‘I want to live a month in Kenny’s shoes, I want to try the G1. I want to see how tough it is.

“And how did that go for you, pal? He didn’t even make the top four. He certainly didn’t make the finals, and he certainly didn’t win the tournament on his first effort like I did.”

Omega then turned his attention to Ospreay’s own attempts, saying that, despite his athletic ability, he doesn’t have what it takes mentally.

“Will of course, thinking that this was a good approach, he was thinking that maybe he could be the exception to the rule, that he could do it the way Mox could not. That he could do it the way Jay could not. That he could do it the way that I did.

“Now this year’s G1 was a miss, Okada didn’t go so well either. So why is it that no-one can do what I can do? Well, there’s so many reasons, but the big one, Will, is up here (taps head).”

Kenny Omega claimed Will Ospreay is “unstable” and “unintelligent”.

“It’s what you don’t got upstairs. I’m not going to credit it to your athletic ability, you’ve got oodles of that. Experience? Yeah, experience plays a factor, but when you have so much ability, you can push past that. What you lack, Will, is your mind. You’re unstable, you’re unintelligent, and that’s why you fail.”

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17 will take place in the Tokyo Dome on January 4th.