John Cena Reveals SAG’s Response To WWE Return

John Cena

John Cena has opened up about the ongoing SAG strike in Hollywood and revealed he sought clearance from the union ahead of his WWE return.

John Cena has wound down his full-time WWE career over the last five years as his focus turns to building a career for himself in Hollywood. But La-La-Land does not play by the same rules as WWE and unions have a say over the working conditions of their workers.

The Writer’s Guild of America recently ended their strike but the Screen Actor’s Guild remains on the picket line meaning Hollywood productions are still shut down. It was this stalemate that opened space in the sixteen-time WWE Champion’s calendar and allowed John Cena to make his return to WWE in September.

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, John Cena discussed the ongoing strike and explained how he sought permission from his union about a WWE return before speaking to the company itself:

“Well, that’s certainly a happening that’s beyond my control. So I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of things on the movie and television side lined up. None of which I can talk about, we’re in the middle of a labour dispute.

“Then the labour dispute happens and the Screen Actors Guild decides as an entirety to go on strike, which either leaves me idle or asking questions of ‘Well, what can I do what is within my control?’ And I wanted to see if it was okay to come back to tour.

“So we call the proper people at SAG, we got written, legal okay, that it’d be okay to come back to WWE. And once I had that, then I could ask the question of ‘Hey, WWE, do you guys want me to come back and hang out for a little bit?’ So here we are.”

John Cena Grateful For WWE Return

Cena confirmed that there was no resistance from SAG about him returning to WWE while many of his colleagues in the movie industry remain on the picket line:

“No, I just think at the beginning of the strike, and it’s, you know, has been going on a long time, I do hope we can find a resolution soon that everybody’s happy with. But in the beginning of the strike, I think everyone was trepidatious on what can you do and what can’t you do.

“I know along the path of the strike there have also been some situations of ‘Well, we shouldn’t do this and we shouldn’t do this. I’m very grateful to have a home in WWE and very grateful to the Screen Actors Guild to allow me to be part of it.”

John Cena will face Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia which will see Sikoa join a small and exclusive group thanks to Cena.

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