Jim Ross Explains Why CM Punk’s WWE Return Was Perfect

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Jim Ross thinks CM Punk’s appearance at WWE Survivor Series was a perfect booking decision and he wishes the star nothing but luck at this stage of his career.

CM Punk stunned the wrestling world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series less than three months after he was unceremoniously fired by AEW. Punk was let go by Tony Khan for his part in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry, far from his first backstage issues in the company.

It has since emerged that Bryan Danielson led the committee that ultimately decided to let CM Punk go.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on CM Punk’s return at Survivor Series and believes it was a great move by Triple H:

It was a perfect booking decision. It was a great creative move. And, Your Honour, my evidence is the fact that can you hear the pop? Can you see? Because it was sustained chaos. Hey, look, I guarantee you there’s a lot of AEW fans that went to Survivor Series. They’re wrestling fans, they don’t have this brand bullsh*t where I am only going to support one brand. So you must not really be a wrestling fan then, right? How could you be a wrestling fan and not be happy for the success of others within your industry? I don’t get it.

So anyway, It was great booking and good judgement by Paul Levesque [Triple H], a perfect end to the show. And for all I got to say, the whole damn thing is I didn’t see it live admittedly. I was probably napping, or watching football or something.

Phil’s a friend, and I didn’t always agree with him, or I certainly agreed with him more than not on some of his issues. But I really, I don’t know, man, he’s just a friend. I’m happy for my friends that find success in their chosen vocation. So, I wish him the best of luck on his journey.

Hell, I don’t agree with all the sh*t that went on with him. You know, I think he could have handled it a little differently, as probably everybody could go back and look at it in hindsight. But the bottom line is he left and he was a great get. I love the surprise. I just saw my timeline blow up and I had to go look. Of course, it was all over social media and it was cool. And the announcers laid out, I thought that was smart.

Ross’ co-host Conrad Thompson made clear that Jim Ross was referring to Punk’s 2014 exit from WWE in his remarks and was not talking about his controversial exit from AEW. Tony Khan has made clear he cannot legally discuss CM Punk after he was asked about his WWE return.

Jim Ross Thinks CM Punk In WWE Can Help AEW & Beyond

Jim Ross continued noting that he sees CM Punk as a friend and believes if his move to WWE is good for that company it can help the wider wrestling industry:

I always enjoyed [Punk]. Phil’s a very good conversationalist. He’s very opinionated. He’s very polarising. But he’s a captivating conversationalist. So I’ll say that for him. So just as friend to friend and look, we don’t exchange Christmas cards. I don’t talk to Phil or text Phil every week or nothing like that. Rarely.

He checks on me and my health, which I appreciate. You’d be surprised at all your lifelong friends that ain’t said one word when they know you’re sick as hell. Society. I ain’t mad at nobody. So anyway, good for Phil and good for wrestling. hope it all works out good for everybody. And what’s that saying, Conrad? Large tides raise all ships or something along those lines?

CM Punk is believed to have a behaviour clause in his new WWE deal which will hopefully alleviate any concerns about any of the issues that plagued his time in the company before or in AEW from re-emerging.

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