Jim Ross Slams Ridiculous NWA PPV Segment

Jim Ross

AEW announcer Jim Ross is not a fan of the recent NWA spot that apparently saw James Mitchell and others doing cocaine on the show.

The NWA recently caught a lot of attention for a spot on its Samhain pay-per-view that saw James Mitchell surrounded by men and women at a bar area where there was a pile of white powder on a table that everyone seemed to be indulging in.

NWA was reported to be in talks over a TV deal with The CW but The CW was not happy with this segment, putting that deal in serious doubt.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross had his say on the controversial segment, and it’s safe to say the WWE Hall of Famer does not want to see that on wrestling shows:

It is ridiculous. How do you justify any facet of it? Any facet of it? It’s just stupid and it makes no sense to me, it’s taken it too far.

Well, it’s pro wrestling, I know what it is, I’ve been doing this for almost 50 years, and I get it. But there are certain things, at least in my world, that would not appear on television. Religion certainly wouldn’t be on there. I don’t want to sound like Jim Cornette, but there’s things – you can’t make me like them.

I’ll never agree with some of that stuff and I know that sounds like ‘get out of my yard.’ You know, but it isn’t. It’s just, it’s distracting and counterproductive.

Jim Ross Taking Time Away From AEW

Jim Ross has most recently been used in AEW as the announcer for the main event of the weekly Collision show but it seems he won’t be on Saturday nights for the foreseeable future.

Jim Ross recently revealed he’s taking a break from AEW as he continues to heal up after undergoing treatment for skin cancer.

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