NWA Drug Spot Could Have Ruined TV Deal

NWA Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan and the NWA could be in hot water already after announcing a new TV deal.

On the 28th of October NWA presented Samhain on pay-per-view, a show that was headlined by EC3 retaining the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Thom Latimer. That show came just days after NWA boss Billy Corgan revealed the promotion had signed a deal with a TV network.

Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman reported that the NWA is heading to The CW Network and it will be home to both the company’s weekly wrestling show NWA Powerrr along with a reality TV show about the behind-the-scenes business of the promotion. However, things may have turned sour before they have even started.

NWA TV Deal Could Have Gone South Due To Drugs Segment

On the recent Samhain pay-per-view, James Mitchell was shown at a bar surrounded by several wrestlers and women openly taking cocaine and drinking while the commentators joked about what was unfolding.

Haus of Wrestling has now reported that the segment could have scuppered the TV aspect of the NWA’s deal with The CW with higher-ups at the network said to be actively pushing for NWA content to air solely on The CW app and not on TV. The report notes that there is a now 90% chance of that happening after The CW’s social media channels were flooded with negative comments following the spot featuring Mitchell.

The report also noted that the reality series proposed to air is fully paid for by Billy Corgan who will have the final creative say on it. The CW would be able to sell advertising around that show and one of the big selling points for the network was that it would include footage of Corgan’s wedding.