NWA Lands TV Deal With CW Network For Two Shows

billy corgan nwa two

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is heading to the CW Network according to a new report.

Billy Corgan of the legendary band The Smashing Pumpkins purchased the NWA in 2017. In the six years since Corgan bought the company, the brand has produced its NWA Powerrr show on YouTube and Fite TV, but not on television. That is about to change.

Earlier this week, Corgan appeared on Busted Open Radio to announce that the NWA had signed a network with a well-known television station.

“I can now say for the first time, and I have to be a bit vague because there’s some other political aspects to this. I can now say that we finally have signed not just one, but two television deals. And that announcement as far as where and who will be coming soon, but we finally now will be able to move off YouTube, not exclusively, because we want to still do stuff on YouTube. But we now will be moving with a network partner.”

“I can’t say who, but I can say it’s a top 20 network, and I’m very excited. I’ve been working on this for over a year, and like I said, not just one but two television deals are involved. Two totally different wrestling-related products that we’ll be offering. So 2024 is looking very, very bright.”

NWA will run a wrestling show and behind-the-scenes look at the company on the CW Network

It has been reported by Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman that the NWA will be heading The CW Network and an announcement is expected relatively soon. The two TV deals that Corgan mentioned are for the company’s weekly wrestling show NWA Powerrr along with a reality TV show about the behind-the-scenes business of the NWA.

According to Hausman, Corgan has wanted to do a wrestling reality show for a long time.

“A reality TV show about running a pro wrestling company is something Corgan has wanted to do for a while. He nearly pulled it off a decade ago when he was running RESISTANCE Pro wrestling in Chicago and inked a deal with A&E to produce one. While some content was filmed for a RESISTANCE reality show, the network pulled the plug on all of its reality show content, and the project was scrapped before making it to air. This new reality show about the NWA has already started filming, and we are told should be done soon.”

While not specific date has been given, it is expected that NWA Powerrr will debut on The CW before the reality show airs. It’s not known if Powerrr will be one or two hours long. The company will likely pre-tape episodes in blocks as Impact does for AXS TV.

The CW Network is a broadcast affiliate network in the United States. While it’s obviously not as big as NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX, it’s still a channel that most people with cable will have. The channel airs the Women of Wrestling show in some markets as well.

The current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion is former WWE & Impact star EC3. Some notable NWA stars in recent years include Nick Aldis, LA Knight (as Eli Drake) and Ricky Starks.

As noted above, an official announcement from the NWA regarding their move to The CW is likely coming very soon.