Jim Ross Explains Why Layoffs Are Inevitable Following WWE Sale

Jim Ross

Jim Ross says you can “almost count on” job losses following the sale of WWE to Endeavor.

News broke on April 3rd that WWE had agreed on a deal with Endeavor Group Holdings and create a $21 billion valued live sports and entertainment company.

Endeavor is the parent company of UFC, and combining the Octagon action with WWE has led to many fans speculating over which fighters might now follow the likes of Ronda Rousey and Ken Shamrock into a WWE ring.

As former Head of Talent Relations for WWE, Jim Ross is well positioned to discuss what impact the sale could have on current talent.

Ross feels that it is the “nature of the beast” that some contracts will be run down and not renewed, as bosses get to grips with shaping the future of WWE.

The AEW commentator added who he felt should be concerned about the news, and why talent should be careful when trying to negotiate their salary.

Jim Ross was discussing the WWE sale on his Grilling JR podcast and explained why he expects to see talent leave the company.

“If I wasn’t confident that my spot was secure and my work had not been good, and I had not become a high maintenance pain in the a**, then yeah, I would be concerned,”

“I do think there will be some layoffs. I just think it’s inevitable with this sort of transaction, where they go through and do a clean sweep of where the extra costs are so they can contribute more to their new bottom line.”

The ‘Voice of Wrestling’ would go on to explain that “you can almost count on” WWE talent not having their contracts renewed or being unsuccessful if trying to renegotiate their offers.

Whilst some may be facing uncertainty in WWE, there could be a huge name returning to AEW.

Jim Ross has shared his feelings on why CM Punk being back in AEW would be beneficial for the company, and with news breaking of a new weekly Saturday night event, the former AEW Champion could be back on screen very soon.

However, a WWE Hall of Famer has questioned why AEW would want CM Punk back, calling him “garbage”.

H/t to WrestlingInc