Jim Ross Comments On All In “Skirmish”

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has said what he can about the incident before All In.

All In was the biggest night in AEW’s history as the stars of the company got to compete in front of the biggest paid attendance at a wrestling event ever. However, not all the action at Wembley Stadium took place inside the ring.

CM Punk and Jack Perry were involved in an altercation backstage with issues seeming to stem from an earlier incident where Punk prevented Perry from using real glass for a spot on an edition of Collision. The result is that both men are believed to be suspended by AEW which has caused some changes to the All Out show in Chicago on September 3rd.

Jim Ross explains some “hiccups” before All In

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, discussed some “hiccups” before the show which included a mix-up with his own entrance:

“I thought Tony Khan’s team overachieved in every area. I was supposed to get a full entrance down the ramp. Timing got mixed up, there was a few little hiccups right before we went on the air, apparently, I was told ‘we’re going to get you over here.’

“I got a half-entrance, then when I got to my seat, I got another wave. It was cool. I got a great pop. Announcers or performers, we live for those pops. The fact that they had a car waiting for me to leave, I didn’t get caught up in any traffic. Maybe took me five minutes to get back to my room. It was so unique.”

As far as the CM Punk and Jack Perry incident, Jim Ross says he only heard about the “difference of opinion” after the show was over:

“I didn’t see it. I didn’t know anything about it until after the show. I heard there was a little skirmish, a difference of opinion.”

Jim Ross recently discussed his own future in AEW and says he’s hoping to remain with Tony Khan’s company as his current contract nears its end.

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