Jim Cornette Claims Tony Khan “Has Killed His Best Market”

Jim Cornette

Once again not mincing his words, Jim Cornette feels Tony Khan has made a big mistake when it comes to his best AEW market.

It’s hard to turn a corner in the wrestling world at the moment without discussion about CM Punk, his backstage confrontation with Jack Perry at AEW All In, and subsequent firing from the company on 2nd September 2023.

However, Jim Cornette feels like the decision to get rid of the ‘Real World Champion’ will have a substantial knock-on effect for the rest of the company.

In a discussion on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the former wrestling manager said that Chicago was one of the best markets for AEW, and the way the CM Punk situation was handled may well kill it for them.

We just assumed that everybody would know. Because that’s the only thing that anybody is talking about, about this f*cking ridiculous Romper Room of a company.

So yes, he’s fired CM Punk hours before the Collision at the United Center that was to set up the pay-per-view that is as we speak tonight at the United Center, Punk’s hometown. That he is now killed as a market for AEW when it was maybe their best one because of Punk.

Who Cornette Thinks Wrote CM Punk Statement

Continuing on, Jim Cornette made it clear that whilst Tony Khan was the one reading the statement on AEW Collision, he’s certain that the company’s head honcho wasn’t the person who worded it.

He makes it a couple of hours before the show on the internet and then opens the programme stood up against the green screen. Reading from the teleprompter, a statement that whoever really made this decision has written out for him. And we, obviously, by the wording, it’s the attorneys.

It’s the legal staff, but we know it’s the AEW legal staff because the wording is fucking the syntax is tortured and the grammar is disembowled.

But he read it like he was reading it for the first time because he didn’t make this decision. Because it was all worded by the attorneys because they are apparently convinced in their minds, that Punk is going to sue their f*cking asses and they’re trying to set up a defense already.

Jim Cornette has also spoken on Jack Perry who is also suspended indefinitely over the incident with Punk, calling him a “petulant child”.

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