Jim Cornette Believes Jeff Hardy “Shouldn’t Wrestle For A While”

jeff hardy aew

Jeff Hardy has been away from AEW since an arrest that led to rehab and Jim Cornette feels he should stay away for a long time until he’s absolutely ready to return.

Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th after Highway Patrol Officers saw him driving a car that was swerving and running off the road.

Following the arrest, Hardy was charged with Driving While License Canceled/Suspended/Revoked, Violation of Restrictions Placed on Driver’s License and it was his third DUI Alcohol/Drugs offense within the last ten years. Dashcam footage was later shown that revealed was clearly intoxicated and unable to stand up straight.

In mid-October, Matt Hardy said when he spoke to Jeff “he seems to be doing really well.” Jeff entered a rehab facility shortly after his arrest and hasn’t made any public appearances. In December 2021, WWE tried to get Jeff to enter a rehab facility, but Jeff refused and he was released by the company. Three months later, he was in AEW. It’s currently unknown when or if Jeff will return to AEW television.

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette has discussed Jeff’s situation on a recent episode of the Jim Cornette Drive Thru podcast. Cornette thinks fans should give him space and not necessarily encourage a comeback unless Jeff is ready.

“He doesn’t have, he doesn’t have the same level of interest he had when he was the hottest wrestler in the world f*cking 10 years ago or whatever and sh*t had started happening. But he is, again, grading on their scale on the AEW roster, he’s got more interest in more name recognition and more fans more whatever than most. But at the same time, maybe the people who really just love Jeff Hardy want to see him come back and wrestle and they don’t think about his personal situation.”

Cornette thinks that Jeff shouldn’t wrestle for a while and also wondered how much longer the 45-year-old “Charismatic Enigma” has left as an active wrestler.

“Do a lot of people, are they thinking well now, let’s just see if it’s a train wreck. We’re interested just to see what he’s going to do when he comes back, and they’re not hoping for a good outcome. I don’t f*cking [know], but to do more damage to his body to exacerbate his personal issues. Probably a thing that he shouldn’t be wrestling for a while, but how long does he have left to wrestle at all?”

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