Jim Cornette Says “Girls Have No Business” Being In Money In The Bank Matches

WWE Women's Money In The Bank 2023

The women’s Money In The Bank match gave fans in London, England some moments of high drama and a popular winner but Jim Cornette doesn’t think the match had any business taking place.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, former Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions Bayley and Becky Lynch, former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Zelina Vega and IYO SKY, and main roster newcomer Zoey Stark did battle in the women’s Money In The Bank bout with SKY managing to retrieve the briefcase and with it, a title shot any time, any place.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette reflected on the women’s Money In The Bank match and noted his opposition to women being in ladder matches:

“No wonder that nobody believes injury angles anymore. One spot was a powerbomb off a ladder onto another ladder. If a 120-pound girl takes that and bounces up and lives to fight another day, then how can it hurt Powerhouse Hobbs? So, then, what do you gotta do to Powerhouse Hobbs? Let’s get a Volkswagen, but not just a bug, we need a bus and run him down.

“What I’m saying is, somebody’s gonna get hurt and besides that for business reasons, girls have no business doing these f****** matches. It doesn’t matter what kind of bump a miscellaneous girl or guy takes if they don’t give a sh*t about you, specifically. Then, it’s equally as detrimental to business, when as I said, if these girls can do all this sh*t with these ladders, the same ladders that the guys Goddamn get hit with or land on or whatever the f***, and they get up and finish the f****** match, then what do you have to do to hurt the f****** guys that are twice their size.”

The men’s Money In The Bank match saw another first-time winner of the coveted briefcase as The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest walked away with the victory, but that may have caused some resentment with his stablemate Finn Balor with the two men getting into another argument on Raw.

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