Jim Cornette Bewildered At Chris Jericho’s Pro Wrestling Olympics Pitch

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has shot down Chris Jericho’s proposal that professional wrestling could have a place as an Olympic sport.

It is certainly a unique approach, however ‘The Ocho’ Chris Jericho has made claims that you could compare professional wrestling to an Olympic event like figure skating with two people working together, and hopes to make a pitch to the official Olympics committee.

However, he’ll be pleased that Jim Cornette won’t be part of the decision board. Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary wrestling promoter and manager has given plenty of reasons why he feels there’s no way you could include professional wrestling.

The International Olympic Committee and anybody affiliated with it would god damn yes, would f*cking guffaw at the idea. Because when you think about it, the Olympics are for sports. And in any sport, even gymnastics, people are trying to win, right? So if there’s a team gymnastics or a team event, all the people are on the same team. It’s not people putting on a performance, but part of the performance is that they are in conflict with each other.

I mean, it’s a headline grabbing statement made by a headline grabbing individual, but if you break down any of the ways that it doesn’t make any sense. Yes, pro wrestling is a work. They already have wrestling, so why would they add more wrestling? Oh, you said, well, this isn’t Olympic style wrestling, this is professional wrestling? Well, again, then, okay, if it’s a legitimate contest, then you could put it in the Olympics.

Or if professional wrestling was, again, two people on the same team representing the United States or whatever country against some team from another country. But then you can’t grade it like gymnastics? Because that’s not what it is, and just what some people think it is. Do you, you know, get Les Thatcher come in from Cincinnati, and two or three other wrestling training experts from around the world to come and judge a wrestling performance that is given totally completely off the wall and out of context of the rest of the Olympic Games.

Then what is the judging criteria? Mine would be how good can you make this match without ever showing obvious cooperation. There’s never been a 10, there’s never been a match you couldn’t see through if you were looking close enough. But it’s just ridiculous.

This isn’t the first time Jim Cornette has shot down Chris Jericho in recent times, as he also doubted Jericho’s supernatural abduction claims.

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