Jim Cornette Responds To Chris Jericho’s Supernatural Abduction Claims

Chris Jericho

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette has weighed in on Chris Jericho’s claims about supernatural abduction and it’s everything you might expect.

Chris Jericho recently opened up about the time displacement he went through that could have possibly been explained by an “abduction,” possibly of the supernatural variety.

Jim Cornette, speaking on his Experience podcast, is, frankly, having none of it. Discussing Chris Jericho’s story Cornette had a few questions and concerns of his about what The Ocho supposedly went through:

“This is a quote from Chris Jericho. ‘I have had time displacement, it’s when you can account for a certain stretch of time, it’s when you get like abducted.’ Well because there’s some time displacement, there couldn’t have been drinking because he was driving. See the quote is ‘I’ve had time displacement. It’s when you can account for a certain stretch of time. It’s when you get like abducted. I was driving home on a country road.’”

“Now right there – it’s always, it’s never f*cking interstate 64 It’s never in downtown f*cking St. Louis next to the arch, it’s always in goddamn Broken Bow Oklahoma on a country road. Right. So here’s his quote. ‘I was driving home on a country road and it should have taken me about an hour to get home. And instead of getting home at 2 am…’ Now, wait a minute. Does Jericho not live in suburban Tampa, Florida? Where is he going to be driving down a deserted country road, has he made an indie show somewhere in f*cking Apopka?”

“He’s on a country road and instead of getting home at 2 am, I got home at 5 am I still don’t know what happened. I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t doing drugs or anything. There is just a big chunk of time missing. I should probably go to a hypnotist and see what happened. But okay, here’s the thing. Now you’re supposed to get home at 2 am. You’re driving down a lonely country road, I would assume you’re alone. Because if you weren’t alone, then you could turn to the guy next to you and say, ‘Hey, where’d the last three hours go?'”

“Now certainly, I know that, especially in the advent of the cell phone era that my wife Stacy always when I’m on a trip knows approximately what time I’m going to be home and she gets updates. And yes, this was the middle of the night. But one would think that you know, the insurrectionist wife would be you know, at least as concerned about where the f*ck he’s at at 2, 3, 4, or 5 o’clock in the morning when he’s overdue and he’s driving out by himself.”

“Could something have happened? Should I be at least as concerned about that as she was about trying to overthrow the f*cking dutifully and lawfully elected government on January 6, so she wasn’t calling around? ‘Chris. You’re supposed to be home three hours ago. It’s pitch black. I don’t know what could have happened to him. He won’t answer his cell phone. He must be on a country road. A country road being abducted and anal probed by f*cking The Invaders.’”

“Roy Finnis found that f*cking shortcut. And now Chris has gone through the same path for all of you fans of the Quinn Martin production The Invaders, so he can’t account for three hours. And again, now this is not, his close is I should probably go to a hypnotist and see what happened. Okay, I’ve driven as everyone knows a couple million miles in my life. How will I find out what happened here? I’ll go to a hypnotist.”

“What if I ever came back from Orlando or New York or Chicago or wherever the f*ck and I know exactly what time I’m supposed to be home and if I showed up at home three hours late while never having stopped whatsoever and be not being cognizant of any delay in my trip. I’m calling a goddamn neurosurgeon. I’m getting a brain scan. I’m not gonna go ‘I guess I’d probably go to a hypnotist and see if the Cartman anal probe is still inside of me.’”

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