Jim Cornette believes Logan Paul asked For Ricochet match

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Jim Cornette believes Logan Paul asked for the SummerSlam match against Ricochet, but he doesn’t think the request should have been granted.

Paul and Ricochet have been on a collision course since they literally collided in mid-air during the 2023 Royal Rumble match. The pair were in the ring together again at Money In The Bank, with Ricochet taking Paul out of the eponymous Ladder match with a Spanish Fly into table waiting below.

The pair will finally meet one-on-one at SummerSlam, but on the final Raw before the Biggest Party of the Summer, Paul made things personal by bringing his foe’s fiancee, Ring Announcer Samantha Irvin into the mix.

Jim Cornette doesn’t understand why Logan Paul vs. Ricochet was allowed

On the latest edition of his ‘Experience’ podcast, Cornette said he was sure Paul asked for the bout because it plays into his love of doing “cool moves.” However, he also thinks WWE should have saved him from himself.

“You know, I’m sure that Logan Paul asked for this match. And this is where you need to save talent from themselves. Because part of the reason why he is so good at doing what he’s done – I’m not saying he can call a match in the ring on the fly with any style opponent or whatever – but the fact that he has had matches the level that he’s had, even with practice and etc, for a guy that doesn’t do this regularly and has never trained meaningfully before, that’s great, right?

“But he also likes to do the cool moves that go viral on his virus-ridden f**king social media, I guess. And that’s what he does with Ricochet, and they do the thing where they springboard off the opposite top ropes and collide with each other.

“If f*cking Ricochet had taken me on that Spanish Fly ride that he took Logan on, when they landed wrong on the ropes and didn’t have their balance that he almost killed both of them, I wouldn’t shake hands with that son of a bitch again for fear that he would hospitalise me. But they want to have a match?

“I’m sure Logan Paul asked for it because why would you take a guy that’s the biggest celebrity around the world, and he’s wrestled Seth Rollins, and he’s he wrestled Roman Reigns in the big marquee matches or Saudi Arabia or whatever, why would you book, again, at that level, it’s been presented as that level of a star against Ricochet?”

For Cornette, it makes little sense for Paul to be facing a star that has been presented as being much lower down the roster than him.

“That’s not even an insult to the guy as far as his talent in the ring or whatever. That is an honest assessment of the way that he’s presented in the pecking order on their television. And they’ve made this match specifically so Logan Paul and Ricochet can do some flips and dives and stunts or however you want to turn them, that everybody will go holy s**t over.

“From a business standpoint, I guess if he wants to do it, they want to make him happy, but I can’t believe Vince [McMahon] didn’t put his foot down and say ,’No, we’re not going to f**king, for the same reason we’re not going to book Brock Lesnar against Flop Dolla. We’re not going to book a Main Event celebrity attraction that Saudi Arabia pays money for and that does ratings against a midcard guy.’ Because it takes some of the special away from Logan Paul.

“So they can push the envelope on the stunts and take a chance on him getting f**king hurt. So just have a match that Logan Paul and Ricochet will have fun and do crazy stunts that won’t sell one ticket or entice any fan to watch it on purpose. I don’t see the reason for that.”

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