Jeff Jarrett Confirms Singles Match Was Never Discussed For All In

Jeff Jarrett at AEW All In

Jeff Jarrett says a match against Grado was never on the cards for All In despite weeks of speculation.

In the build-up to the event, Grado was part of an interview with Jarrett on TalkSPORT. The former IMPACT star stepped over the line when he compared Double J to his Auntie Jackie. This led to Jarrett smashing a guitar over the Scotsman’s head.

Following the incident, many believed the two were on a collision course for All In, but Fightful poured cold water on the idea days before the Wembley spectacular, noting no plans were in place for such a bout.

While no official match was made, Grado did appear on the Zero Hour pre-show, joining Paul Wight and Anthony Ogogo in chasing off Jarrett and the rest of his group after they disparaged UK wrestling. Grado even got a measure of revenge by landing a guitar squarely on Jarrett’s head.

Jeff Jarrett says no singles match was ever planned for AEW All In

On the latest edition of his My World podcast, Jarrett explained that there was no plan to follow up on his TalkSPORT appearance, although he says a multi-man match became a possibility.

“The promotional stunt that took place, there was no master plan of where this was going to go or where that was going to. I have to give Tom Campbell of Cultaholic, he got word that Jarrett-Grado….I can assure listeners this, a Jarrett-Grado singles match, I don’t believe was ever discussed. He is not on the AEW roster.

“He may have been in the corner, maybe a six-man, at one time there was an eight-man, at one time there was a ten-man discussion, all kinds of different things. At the end of the day, a lot of chatter that went on with it. Ol’ Tom led the charge, and he went heavy with it.

“The amount of social media buzz that took place the seven days beforehand, my gosh. When Grado’s video wall popped up, what a roar. It was a big pop. Great moment.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.