Long-Rumoured AEW All In Match Not Taking Place

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Jeff Jarrett will not be facing Grado at AEW All In.

As reported by Fightful Select, the former ICW Heavyweight Champion is not set to have a match at Wembley Stadium despite what appeared to be an apparent build during a media tour of the UK by Jarrett.

Jarrett appeared on TalkSport alongside Grado in July when only a few matches were announced for the show. Grado mocked Jarrett for looking like his aunty Jackie before Jarrett retaliated with a guitar shot to the Scottish star.

Following the UK appearance by Jarrett and multiple news sites rumouring the match to be added to the card, fans were quickly disappointed when more and more matches were added but there was no sign of Grado. With the final episode of Dynamite now in the books and no sign of Jarrett on the show, it is extremely doubtful that more matches will be added to the 11-match card. With all programming prior to Collision being pre-taped, the only way this will now change is if a last-minute announcement is made on social media.

Jarrett last competed on Dynamite on August 16th, competing in the divisive Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch.

Could Grado Still Appear At AEW All In?

Whilst a match looks extremely doubtful, there is still a possibility that a segment involving the two wrestlers could take place at the show. Many UK fans are hoping to hear “Like A Prayer” by Madonna ring out through Wembley Stadium.

With multiple British wrestlers being hit with injuries at the most unfortunate time, the only UK wrestlers competing at the event are Saraya and Will Ospreay.