Jack Perry Comments On What It Was Like Wrestling Rob Van Dam

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Jack Perry felt honoured that he got to wrestle one of his childhood heroes.

Following Perry cheating to defeat FTW Champion Hook and gain possession of the title, the former “Jungle Boy” would go on a tirade insulting ECW, catching the attention of alumni Jerry Lynn.

Needing backup to teach the champ a lesson, Lynn called upon the services of fellow extreme legend Rob Van Dam, who faced Perry with the title on the line on the August 9th episode of Dynamite.

Jack Perry was asked what that match meant to him while being interviewed for Muscle and Fitness Magazine. The former Tag Team Champion revealed that this match was on his bucket list and that Van Dam really is that unique as a performer.

“That was a match that I really wanted to have. Just from a fan perspective, I was a huge fan of Rob back in the day. I still am. I was really excited just to be a part of it and to be in there with a guy who I had been such a fan of as a kid. And, also, I was kind of excited to see [him] up close and personal. If you look at it, the things he does are amazing. A lot of it is stuff that, even today, nobody is able to emulate. And, I guess his slogan, or whatever, is ‘One of a Kind’ but I really think with him, more than a lot of people, that’s actually the case.”

Jack Perry Got Heat Over AEW Promo

Many wrestlers have gone on record to say an advantage of AEW over WWE is that they are able to have more freedom with their promos, as they are much less scripted in All Elite Wrestling. During a promo exchange with Christian Cage, Perry revealed that part of his promo was not approved by management and resulted in him being contacted afterwards.