Rob Van Dam Reflects On AEW Debut Match

Rob Van Dam AEW

Rob Van Dam has given his thoughts following his in-ring AEW debut.

Rob Van Dam stunned the wrestling world when Jerry Lynn introduced him to AEW to try and shut the mouth of FTW Champion Jack Perry. Perry has shown a new attitude in recent weeks and has run down ECW, the promotion where the FTW Title originated with Taz.

That led to a match between the WWE Hall of Famer and Jack Perry for the title on Dynamite in Columbus, Ohio. The match was held under FTW rules by Perry still took the low road as he nailed RVD below the belt before driving him face-first into a chair before a roll-up – complete with a hand full of tights for the win.

What did Rob Van Dam say about his AEW debut?

In an exclusive interview shared on social media, Rob Van Dam was asked about his return to in-ring action and talked about the great response he received from the crowd:

“Well, it felt pretty awesome going tonight, I gotta say. I count on the fans’ positive energy that they bring. I rely on connecting with them, but I’m still overwhelmed when they all have RVD signs and they’re all in unison chanting for me. It always exceeds my expectation. When that moment is real and I’m connected to them, it’s nothing but love. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe.”

Jerry Lynn joined RVD for the interview and noted that they always sought to be the best without taking shortcuts, something which Perry did in the bout:

“It didn’t go his way tonight, but the way it happened, you can’t lose any face. I saw what happened, and at least with us two, we always wanted to try and prove how we were the best with wrestling and no shortcuts.”

The card for AEW All In also began to really take shape on Dynamite with The Young Bucks accepting FTR’s challenge and a huge four-way match announced for the AEW Women’s Title.