Grudge Match Announced For WWE Survivor Series


Santos Escobar has made his bed and now he has to lie in it after turning on WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio.

Escobar was blamed by fellow LWO member Carlito for Rey Mysterio losing the WWE US Championship to Logan Paul at Crown Jewel after his appearance on the show went very wrong.

One of Paul’s minions tried to hand The Maverick a pair of brass knuckles but was chased off by Santos Escobar. For some reason, Escobar left the weapon within reach on the edge of the ring and Paul was able to grab it and knock out Mysterio for the win.

On the following SmackDown, Carlito took Escobar to task for his error and the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion was not too happy at being blamed. Rey Mysterio attempted to play peacekeeper but things got too much for Escobar who attacked Mysterio later in the night.

Santos Escobar Set For Heated Match At WWE Survivor Series

On SmackDown in Evansville, Indiana, Santos Escobar gave his side of the story and confirmed his split from the LWO. Escobar was unhappy at Mysterio welcoming Carlito into the group leading to his shocking actions. Zelina Vega came to the ring and slapped Escobar after he told her he was through with her before he attacked both Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde who have been with Escobar since NXT.

Carlito tried to get his hands on Escobar and save Del Toro and Wilde but Escobar escaped through the crowd. It was later confirmed that Carlito and Escobar would go one-on-one at WWE Survivor Series.

Rey Mysterio will be out of action until 2024 after he underwent knee surgery, postponing any possible showdown between the former WWE Champion and Santos Escobar.