Goldberg Reveals If He Still Wants Retirement Match


Bill Goldberg has addressed if he is still interested in having a retirement match in pro wrestling.

The last time that Goldberg stepped into a WWE ring was at the February 2022 Elimination Chamber PLE when he challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. The two former football players known for using the Spear had a six-minute match that Reigns won cleanly.

Ever since then, Goldberg has spoken openly about how Vince McMahon made a deal with him to give the Hall of Famer a retirement match. That retirement match hasn’t happened and may never happen in WWE, which led to Goldberg calling Vince a “piece of s**t” among other things.

That 2022 year was the start of Vince’s downfall as WWE’s boss because he was forced to “retire” in July 2022 after details of his Non-Disclosure Agreements came to light. Vince returned to WWE in 2023, which was another tumultuous year for the former WWE Chairman. As of early 2024, Vince is no longer a part of WWE at all, so whatever agreement Goldberg had with his former boss is likely irrelevant now.

In a recent interview with 93.7 The Ticket, the 57-year-old Goldberg revealed that he is no longer pushing for a retirement match.

“I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I’ve kind of put that on the back burner. Right now, I’ve segued into dad, first and foremost, and husband and car host. I’m just having fun at my garage. So I really don’t have a lot of time right now to dedicate to prepping for a retirement match.”

Goldberg Focused On Family

Gage Goldberg, who WWE fans may remember from being on TV, is heading to the University of Colorado to play football for Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders. Bill, who was a teammate of Sanders in Atlanta, is focused on getting his son ready for that commitment.

“I’m trying to do everything I can in my power 24/7 to get our boy [Gage] prepped for the next phase of his life. And in all honesty, that’s the most important thing I could ever have going. “Whether I was ready to step in the ring right now or not, I’d put it all on the back burner for this boy. It’s going to be tough, man.”

Based on all that, it sounds like Bill Goldberg may not be stepping back in a WWE ring any time soon.

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