The John Report: WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 Review

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The 2022 WWE Elimination Chamber featured two Chamber matches with the WWE Title on the line along with a women’s contender’s Chamber match.

It’s the third WWE Premium Live Event (or pay-per-view) of 2022 with Day 1 taking place on January 1 and I thought that was a pretty good show. Later in January, we got the Royal Rumble. I thought it was disappointing, but I’m hoping things get better on the road to WrestleMania.

This is the first Elimination Chamber event to take place in Saudi Arabia. We know WWE has been doing two events in Saudi Arabia since they signed a ten-year deal a few years ago. That’s why it has a unique start time of 12pm ET, which is 8pm ET in Jeddah.

The commentary team of Smackdown’s Michael Cole, along with Raw’s Corey Graves and Byron Saxton were on hand to call the action. It was time for the Kickoff Show match.

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio (w/Dominik Mysterio)

The Miz got some offense early, but Rey was able to set him up for the 619 and Rey escaped by going to the floor. Rey hid a sliding dive onto Miz on the floor. Miz kept trying to get away, so Dominik tossed him into the ring without the referee seeing it. Back in the ring, Rey went up top, Miz tripped him up and Rey was upside down against the turnbuckle. Miz with a catapult that sent Rey throat first into the bottom rope. Rey left the ring, so Miz whipped Rey into the barricade. Miz with a knee to the ribs followed by a knee to the face for two. They did a spot where Miz was sent to the ropes, he tried to punch Dominik, who moved and Dominik punched Miz (the referee didn’t see it). Rey got a rollup on Miz for two and then Miz kicked Rey to knock him down. Miz worked over Rey with his weak kicks to the chest, Rey broke free and hit an elbow to the face followed by a headscissors that sent Miz into the turnbuckle. Rey jumped off the top with a seated senton for a two count. The fans were really into the match. Sunset flip by Miz, Rey rolled through and got a kick to the head for two. Rey tried for a sunset flip, Miz got out of that and Miz hit a DDT for two. Miz caught Rey going for his finish, Rey slipped out of that and set up Miz for the 619 with Rey hitting a 619 kick to the face. Rey went up top, so Miz rolled out of the ring by the commentary team. Miz grabbed a steel chair, so Rey jumped over the top to knock down Miz on the floor. Miz grabbed the chair again, Dominik grabbed the chair and Miz kicked the steel steps to make it sound like Dominik hit him. Dominik explained that he did nothing, so the referee ejected Dominik from ringside. Graves: “No Playstation for you this week, Dominik.” That was funny. Miz went for a Skull Crushing Finale, Rey slipped out of it and got a forward roll into a pin for the pinfall win at 9:15.

Winner by pinfall: Rey Mysterio

Analysis: *** A good match between two experienced guys. Miz did a nice job of getting heat throughout the match while Rey got the assist from Dominik when he needed it. When Miz thought he had outsmarted them by faking Dominik’s attack on him, it led to Miz’s downfall because Rey countered his finisher for the pinfall win. It was booked well in terms of making the fans happy by having the babyface Rey get the win.

After the match, Miz tried to attack Rey, but Dominik went back into the ring for the save. Dominik with a superkick on Miz. The Mysterios set up Miz against the ropes leading to the double 619. Dominik went up top with Frog Splash on Miz. Rey up top with a Frog Splash on Miz as well. The fans cheered for the Mysterios.

Analysis: Rey got the win and the upper hand after the match because of Dominik helping him. I don’t know if the feud is over now, but it might be. I’m not sure what any of these guys might be doing at WrestleMania this year.

There were about ten minutes left in the Kickoff Show with Jackie Redmond, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg in WWE’s studios as part of the Kickoff Show.

WWE Elimination Chamber
From Jeddah SuperDome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
February 19, 2022

The opening video package focused on the Elimination Chamber structure noting the Chamber was making its international debut. On this night, the road to WrestleMania crashes to a halt. Well said. Good video as usual. It’s a strength of WWE for sure.

There was an impressive pyro display in the dome and then a lot of pyro went off outside of the dome they were in. Cole said it was the largest concrete dome in the world. Some fans had masks while others did not. The commentary team was Smackdown’s Michael Cole with Raw’s Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Cole noted they were sold out. They welcomed the Arabic commentary team at ringside.

The first match was Universal Champion Roman Reigns facing Bill Goldberg. A video package aired to set this match up. It’s the same video that aired on Smackdown as well.

Roman Reigns made his slow walking entrance with the Special Counsel Paul Heyman by his side as usual. The Usos were there at the start of the entrance, but they didn’t go down to the ring. Reigns took his time getting down to the ring.

Reigns grabbed the microphone: “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, acknowledge me.” There were cheers and a lot of boos, but it was a loud reaction. That’s for sure.

Bill Goldberg was greeted with “Goldberg” chants and the fans chanting his name all the way down to the ring. The wrestlers stood in the ring as ring announcer Mike Rome did the championship introductions.

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Bill Goldberg

It was 537 days for Reigns as the Universal Champion. The bell rang with the crowd at a fever pitch chanting for Goldberg and I think some of them were chanting for Reigns as well. There were loud “Goldberg” chants. They did a tight lockup, Reigns with a punch, knee to the gut, another punch and Reigns sent Goldberg out of the ring. Reigns sent Goldberg into the hood of the commentary table, but then Goldberg came back with a whip into the barricade. They got back into the ring with Reigns hitting an uppercut followed by punches. There was a bit of space leading to Goldberg hitting the first Spear of the match. Heyman had a shocked look on his face. Reigns avoided a Jackhammer and hit a uranage slam that’s like a Rock Bottom for a two count. Reigns followed up with a Superman Punch to knock Goldberg down. Reigns charged in, but Goldberg came back with a Spear for the second time. Reigns was down selling a rib injury. Goldberg wanted a Jackhammer, Reigns countered it and applied a Guillotine Choke submission. Reigns had it locked in for about a minute, Goldberg drove him to the turnbuckle and then they were down on the mat with Goldberg trying to fight out. The referee felt Goldberg’s arm and he passed out, so Reigns won by submission at 6:02.

Winner by submission: Roman Reigns

Analysis: ** It was action-packed for the time they were given. Goldberg hit two Spears, but he wasn’t able to hit the Jackhammer and then Reigns put him away with the Guillotine Choke submission. I think they need to come up with a better name for Reigns using that move, but whatever. They have put it over a lot, so it has a lot of credibility as a finishing submission move. That could be Goldberg’s last match although the crowd response to him is so strong that he may keep going.

Reigns left with Heyman while Goldberg was in the ring selling after the loss.

A video aired about WrestleMania on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3. A WWE Shop commercial was after that.

There was a video package that aired about the Elimination Chamber. I think they were setting up the Chamber structure, so they had to kill some time with a video package.

The Women’s Elimination Chamber match was up next. Here are the rules in case you don’t know them.

Bianca Belair was up first and we knew should be the sixth woman in the match since she won the Gauntlet Match on Raw. The next three women in the match were Doudrop, who was booed, Rhea Ripley got a nice ovation from the crowd and Nikki A.S.H. was the fourth woman. Liv Morgan was next as one of the two women to start the match. Alexa Bliss was last for her first match in about six months. Alexa still has “The Evil is Mine” music that she had during his last appearance. All six women have outfits that covered their arms and legs. Bliss got to go in a pod that had a swing in it. That meant that Liv and Nikki started the match.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: Liv Morgan vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Doudrop vs. Bianca Belair

The winner of the match earns a Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania.

Nikki was in control of Morgan after a whip into one of the glass pods. They were really fast with the next entrant this year. Doudrop was #3 in the match with Nikki wanting Doudrop to work with her, but Doudrop dropped Nikki with a headbutt. Doudrop drove Nikki back first into the cage followed by Doudrop splashing Nikki against the cage. Doudrop caught Morgan on her shoulders, then drove her into the cage and a slam on the mat outside the ring. Doudrop with a running senton splash on Morgan. Doudrop squeezed Morgan’s face against the cage. Nikki avoided charging Doudrop and Doudrop hit the ring post. I think the intervals were only about two minutes.

The #4 entrant in the match was Rhea Ripley, who smiled at former ally Nikki, who was terrified. Nikki tried to get out of the cage, but Doudrop hit Ripley in the back. Ripley kicked Doudrop in the gut to knock her down. Nikki climbed up the cage to escape, Ripley grabbed a boot and went up with Nikki. Ripley rammed Nikki’s face into the cage and Nikki bumped onto Doudrop/Morgan. Ripley hit a Riptide on Nikki for the pinfall to eliminate Nikki from the match.

Nikki A.S.H. was eliminated by Rhea Ripley

The #5 entrant in the match was Alexa Bliss, who won the first Women’s Chamber match in WWE history. Bliss wit ha shoulder tackle, headscissors and a dropkick with the fans cheering her. Bliss hit the double knees on Morgan two times for a two count. Morgan sent Bliss into the turnbuckle followed by Morgan getting a stomp to the back. Ripley tossed Morgan across the ring. Morgan was on the turnbuckle and Doudrop shoved her into a pod. Doudrop to the middle rope, Doudrop punched Ripley down and Morgan hit a sunset flip Powerbomb on Doudrop for the pinfall. That’s it for Doudrop.

Doudrop was eliminated by Liv Morgan

The final woman at #6 was Bianca Belair, who rocked Bliss wit ha forearm to the jaw. Belair got a hold of Morgan with a press slam that sent Morgan from the outside of the ring into the ring. Belair hit a spinebuster on Bliss followed by a handspring off the ropes with Belair hitting a moonsault on Bliss. Ripley and Belair had a staredown with fans chanting “this is awesome” for them. Belair and Riley each hit double vertical suplexes on their smaller opponents.

Ripley decked Belair with a slap to the face, so Belair slapped her back and it turned into a slugfest. Ripley with a headbutt, Belair with a punch to the jaw and Ripley avoided a KOD slam. Morgan got into it with a double knee attack on Ripley/Belair. Bliss with a running neckbreaker like a blockbuster on Morgan. Bliss went up top and hit the Twisted Bliss splash to pin Morgan.

Liv Morgan was eliminated by Alexa Bliss

Ripley tried to hit Bliss with the Riptide, but Bliss got out of it and Bliss hit a DDT on Ripley while Belair hit Bliss with a clothesline. Belair hit a KOD slam on Ripley to pin her.

Rhea Ripley was eliminated by Bianca Belair

Bliss hit a Code Red slam on Belair for a two count. Belair left the ring, Bliss jumped onto her and Belair drove Bliss back first into the cage two times. Back in the ring, Belair went for a 450 Splash off the top, Bliss moved and Belair blocked a DDT attempt. Belair wanted a suplex, Bliss got out of it and Bliss kicked her in the ribs. Belair with a handspring to get out of a DDT, then Belair with a moonsault and Bliss got the knees up to block. Bliss got two rollups on Belair. Bliss with two punches, Belair came back with a punch to the face and Belair hit the KOD slam on Bliss. Belair covered Bliss to win the match at 15:45.

Alexa Bliss was eliminated by Bianca Belair

Winner: Bianca Belair

Analysis: *** The match was solid with a predictable finish. I don’t say that as a bad thing because I like Belair and I’m happy she’s in the title match at WrestleMania. Bliss did really well in her first match in several months and the crowd reacted to her like she was a major star. I think Ripley had some good moments in the match as well and the fans treated it like a big deal when she faced off with Belair. I like the way Belair won by beating the final two women in the match. It made Belair look strong and impressive in picking up the win. It was also one of the shorter Elimination Chamber matches with shorter intervals than what they are used to doing.

Bianca Belair celebrated the win while a WrestleMania logo appeared on the giant screens behind her because she’s going to challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Analysis: I think it will be Belair against Becky Lynch and I’ll probably pick Belair to win.

A video package aired about the carer of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley showing some of his career accomplishments leading up to his success as a present day superstar on Raw. Lashley is now a two-time WWE Champion.

Analysis: When there’s the Elimination Chamber involved, it takes time to set up and take down the structure, so they need to do video packages to kill some time. I guess they could do backstage interviews as well.

The Smackdown women’s tag team match was next. The SD Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was up first with Sonya Deville, who was wearing a sling on her left arm because Ronda Rousey put her in an armbar a few weeks ago. Naomi was up next feeling the glow. Ronda Rousey got a big pop and she was wearing a judo gi outfit. Rousey won the Royal Rumble. They showed a video package about Rousey as well.

Charlotte Flair & Sonya Deville vs. Naomi & Ronda Rousey

Rousey had to wrestle with her right arm tied behind her back. The bell rang and Deville took off her sling to show she was fine.

Deville managed to get a bit of offense after a distraction from Flair, but then Rousey hit Deville with a knee to send her into the ropes. Flair tagged in and then brought Deville back in to avoid Rousey. Naomi tagged in against her rival Deville, who managed to send Naomi hard into the turnbuckle to counter a bulldog. Naomi with a bulldog that sent Deville into the turnbuckle. Rousey tagged in and used her left arm to pull down Deville for a takedown. Flair went in the ring illegally, she kicked Rousey and whipped Rousey’s left shoulder into the turnbuckle. Flair tagged in and she pulled on the left arm of Rousey followed by forearms to the back. Deville and Flair continued to work over Rousey in their turnbuckle. Flair did a move that saw her put her boot into the side of Rousey’s face. Flair kicked Naomi off the apron. Rousey fought out of the corner, but then Flair used the rope around Ronda’s waist to prevent the tag. Rousey kicked Flair to break free leading to Naomi getting the tag with a jumping kick to the head of Flair. Naomi with a headscissors, Naomi jumped off the middle rope with a springboard kick and Flair went to the floor where Naomi hit a twisting splash onto Flair. Back in the ring, Naomi hit a cross body block off the top for two. Naomi went for a headscissors, Flair caught her and hit a Powerbomb for two. Flair applied the Figure Four Leglock with Rousey breaking it up with a kick. Deville threw Rousey out of the ring. Deville tagged in with a running knee on Naomi for a two count. Naomi with a kick to the head, Rousey tagged in again with her lefty offense leading to Rousey hitting the Piper’s Pit slam. Rousey dared Flair to come after her and Rousey applied an armbar on Deville’s right arm. Deville tapped out to give Rousey the win. It went 9:16.

Winners by submission: Ronda Rousey & Naomi

Analysis: **3/4 This was just an average match. I foolishly thought that maybe Rousey’s team would lose due to the “arm behind the back” stipulation, but obviously, WWE wanted to keep Rousey strong going into WrestleMania and that’s fine. Deville isn’t really pushed, so Rousey beating her easily is a fine result. It also keeps Flair strong going into WrestleMania as the SD Women’s Champion. Naomi and Deville didn’t have big roles in the match, but they did fine when they were in there.

A video aired about WrestleMania 38 taking place in 42 days. You’ll hear the word “stupendous” a lot in the next six weeks.

There was a video package about the feud between Drew McIntyre and Madcap Moss, who has his buddy Happy Corbin by his side.

Madcap Moss made his entrance with Happy Corbin joining him. Drew McIntyre got a big pop as he made his entrance with Angela the sword in his hands.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss (w/Happy Corbin)

Moss and Corbin attacked Drew as soon as the bell rang because it was legal since there are no rules in a match like this. Corbin left the ring, Moss with a kick and Drew came back with two clotheslines that sent Moss out of the ring. Drew hit Moss with a headbutt while in the aisle, Corbin with a cheap shot to the back and Drew chased Corbin to the backstage area. Moss came running, so Drew kicked him and whipped Moss into the screens by the entrance. Drew teased a move off the ramp, but Corbin was back with a forearm. Double suplex by Moss and Corbin on Drew on the ramp. Moss with a slam on Drew on the apron for a two count. Moss sent Drew into the steel steps. They went back into the ring with Moss running the ropes leading to Drew hitting an overhead suplex. Drew with another belly to belly suplex across the ring. Drew gave Moss an Alabama Slam that led to Moss landing on the top of his head. Referee Jessika Carr checked on Moss and he appeared to be okay while Graves said that Moss’s football background and neck exercises helped him there. Drew chased Corbin around the ring, Moss tried to attack and Drew hit a belly to belly suplex on the floor. They replayed the spot with Moss landing hard on his head in the ring. Drew launched Moss over the commentary table. Corbin got back into it with a chair to Drew’s back. Moss and Corbin whipped Drew into the barricade at ringside with Moss getting a two count. Moss went up top, Drew met him with punches and a hard chop to the chest. Drew delivered a superplex off the top for a two count. Moss with a backslide pin attempt, Drew got out of it and hit a Future Shock DDT. There was no pin attempt because Drew was ready for Corbin and when Corbin got into the ring, Drew swung the sword and missed Corbin obviously. Drew held the sword in hand as he hit the Claymore Kick on Moss for the pinfall win at 9:02.

Winner by pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Analysis: *** It was essentially a handicap match with Drew having to face two guys for most of the match. Moss deserves a lot of credit for fighting back after landing on the top of his head during the match. I think Moss is pretty good at taking bumps, he’s very athletic and has some impressive moves as well. However, WWE obviously wants to keep Drew strong and that’s a good thing because he’s probably going to get back in the main event picture after WrestleMania.

Drew McIntyre threatened Corbin after the match by pointing the sword at him. That could be a WrestleMania match.

A commercial aired for Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show with Ron Simmons as the guest. That’s available on Peacock/WWE Network now.

They showed highlights of Rey Mysterio beating The Miz on the Kickoff Show. Post match, Rey and his son Dominik beat up Miz some more.

The Miz was interviewed by Kevin Patrick in the backstage area. Miz said that Rey cheated his way to victory with the help of his son Dominik. Miz said he’ll find himself a tag team partner that is a superlative athlete, a global superstar and he thinks he had somebody in mind. Miz said he’s going to make a call.

Analysis: That’s going to start some rumors about who might team with The Miz. I don’t think that’s a good spot to bring back Cody Rhodes, but that’s what some people might think. There are other options of course and one of the rumors is that boxer/actor/whatever Logan Paul might be who they put in that spot.

Lita made her entrance for the Raw Women’s Championship. They mentioned Lita and Becky Lynch on billboards throughout Saudi Arabia. Big smile on Lita’s face. Becky Lynch was up next as the Raw Women’s Champion. They stood in the ring for the championship introductions.

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Lita

They did some trash talk early on. Cole spouted the WWE lie about Lita and Trish Stratus being the first women to main event Raw in 2004. Lita actually main evented against Stephanie McMahon in 2000, but they ignore that. Anyway, Lita got some offense going with a headscissors. Lynch went for a corner attack, then she got Lita by the head and stretched it against the top rope for a necksnap type move. Lynch choked Lita across the middle rope. Lynch grabbed Lita with a headlock, I think Becky was calling the next spot and Lita hit a jawbreaker followed by punches. Lita charged, Lynch with a back elbow and a kick to the body. Lynch worked over Lita with kicks to the body and Lynch jumped off the middle rope with a leg drop to the back for two. Lynch with an overhead suplex across the ring two times in a row. Lita blocked a third suplex while Lita countered with a DDT. Nice spot there. Lita and Lynch exchanged punches, then Lita got some momentum leading to two clotheslines. Lita with a corner clothesline. Lita hit a cross body block off the middle rope for two. Lynch went for her armbar, Lita countered and they exchanged pin attempts for two counts. Lynch got a rollup with her hand on the rope for two. Lita applied a sloppy-looking sleeper leading to them going to the ropes. Lynch went for a kick by the turnbuckle, but Lita came back with a Powerbomb for two. Lita went up top, so Lynch rolled out of the ring. Lita sent Lynch into the commentary table and into the side of the apron. Lynch with a neckbreaker against the top rope. Lita with a headscissors to take Lynch off the turnbuckle and Lita hit a face first neckbreaker into the mat for a two count. Lita went up top, Lynch pulled her down and Lynch went for the Disarm-her submission on the right arm. Lita managed to get out of that, so Lynch got out of it and hit a Manhandle Slam for two because Lita got her foot on the bottom rope. Lynch did a shocked face after that.

Lynch pulled Lita near the ropes, Lynch went up top and Lynch tried a moonsault, but Lita moved. Lita hit the Twist of Fate neckbreaker. No cover by Lita. That led to Lita going up top and she hit a moonsault that Cole called a Litasault for one…two…and no! Becky kicked out. Lita tried to follow up, Lynch came back with a Manhandle Slam and Lynch covered Lita for the pinfall win at 12:18.

Winner by pinfall: Becky Lynch

Analysis: ***1/2 This was very good. Better than I thought it would be and that’s not a slight on either woman. I just didn’t know what we would see from Lita, who hasn’t had a singles match in a long time. Clearly, Lita showed she’s still got it, she was in great shape and she belonged. Becky did a nice job of selling well, being shocked when she couldn’t get the win and then the drama of the nearfall after Lita hit the moonsault. I liked the story of the match. I like how competitive it was. Great job by both women.

Becky Lynch left with her Raw Women’s Title. The graphic let us know she’s against Bianca Belair at WrestleMania.

Lita got a big ovation after the match. It was cool to see her getting a bit emotional getting that response from the crowd. It was well deserved. I’m happy she was able to go back in the ring and feel that ovation from the fans.

Analysis: Lita deserved that great moment from the fans after that performance. She killed it. I’m so happy for her getting that kind of pop from the crowd. If she wants to wrestle more, I don’t think anybody would complain because she’s still got it for sure.

The announcers talked about the news about The Undertaker headlining the WWE Hall of Fame this year on April 1. They aired the amazing video package tribute. I loved it, so let’s post it again right here.

The crowd popped big after the end of the video and did some “Undertaker” chants. We know he’s wrestled in front of the Saudi crowd a bunch of times.

There were two matches left with the Viking Raiders up next as the challengers. The Usos were next as the Smackdown Tag Team Champions and they attacked the VR guys when they were at the bottom of the ramp. The Usos didn’t get a full entrance. The Usos delivered double superkicks. The Usos suplexed the big man Ivar onto Erik. Referees showed up at ringside to try to stop The Usos.

Analysis: It was just an angle. No match. I’m not sure why they opted to do that, but it was a way to only give them a few minutes out there and go onto the main event. I guess it’s a way to keep the feud going and add more story to it. I’m just surprised they would surprise all the way over there for a non-match like that.

A video package aired about Seth Freakin’ Rollins. They had to set up the Elimination Chamber structure, so it was a way to kill some time.

The next Premium Live Event is WrestleMania in 42 days (that’s six weeks) on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3. They will say the word “stupendous” about 427 times over the next six weeks.

A video package aired for the WWE Championship main event Elimination Chamber match.

Bobby Lashley made his entrance first as the WWE Champion. There was no MVP with him since he didn’t make the trip. AJ Styles was next as a former two-time WWE Champion. Bro…it’s Riddle up next on his precious scooter with the flip flops for his first Chamber match in his career. Austin Theory was next with Graves trying hard to put him over as the youngest guy in the match. Theory took selfies with wrestlers that were in the pods already. Lashley wasn’t happy about it. That was funny. Seth “Freakin” Rollins was next for only his second Elimination Chamber match with Cole noting he was a four-time World Champion and many other accomplishments. Brock Lesnar was up last for his first Elimination Chamber match. What a huge ovation for Lesnar. Even though Lesnar was introduced last, he got to go into one of the pods, so Rollins and Theory would start the match.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Austin Theory vs. Riddle

Seth Rollins and Austin Theory started the match with Rollins doing a leapfrog followed by a run into the ropes leading to a Slingblade neckbreaker. Rollins charged, Theory moved, Rollins hit the turnbuckle and Theory hit a fallaway slam. Theory wit ha belly to back suplex. Theory wit ha flying clothesline, then a stomp to the chest and a Fisherman’s Suplex for two. Rollins delivered multiple kicks to Theory to knock him down. Rollins tossed Theory out of the ring followed by a whip into the cage multiple times. Rollins with a forearm to Theory while the fans chanted for Rollins. That led to Rollins giving Theory a Powerbomb into the pod that Lashley was in and it broke the plexiglass that Lashley was in. Lashley was down in his pod after that.

Riddle was the #3 entrant with an overhead kick to Rollins, two forearms, an overhead suplex and a running senton. Riddle with a senton on Theory and a kick to Rollins. There were doctors in the Chamber checking on Lashley. Some WWE Officials like Adam Pearce and Jason Jordan were there as well. Riddle reached up and slammed Rollins off the top into the ring. Rollins gave Riddle a reverse superplex off the top rope for a two count. Lashley was being helped out of the Chamber by Pearce, Jordan and doctors. They showed a replay of Lashley going down in the pod. Rollins went up top and hit a Frog Splash on Riddle for a two count.

Analysis: Lashley was out of the match by that point. There were rumors of Lashley vs. Rollins at WrestleMania due to this, but sadly there’s a report that Lashley needs shoulder surgery and will probably miss at least four months. That’s why they did this injury angle.

AJ Styles was #4 in the match with a forearm to Riddle and a slam onto the knee on Rollins. Styles with a sitout slam on Riddle for a two count. Styles with a spinning slam off the shoulders on Rollins for a two count. Styles jumped over the top with a forearm on Theory. Styles with a dragon screw leg whip on Riddle to take him down. Styles set up Riddle on the top rope, Styles went for a move, Rollins joined and tried a move. Theory ended up getting back into it with a double Powerbomb on Rollins and Styles. Riddle jumped off the top with a Floating Bro on a standing Theory for a two count. Riddle hit the draping DDT off the ropes. Riddle saw the clock was counting down, so then he stopped setting up for an RKO so he could get ready.

The #5 spot was supposed to be Bobby Lashley, so Lesnar kicked open his pod and entered the match. I guess Lesnar is #5 now. Lesnar hit Rollins with an F5 for the pinfall.

Seth Rollins was eliminated by Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar hit Riddle with an F5 and pinned him.

Riddle was eliminated by Brock Lesnar

They said that Bobby Lashley was in concussion protocol, so he’s out of the match.

Lesnar hit Styles with a German Suplex. Lesnar hit AJ Styles with an F5 and pinned him as well.

AJ Styles was eliminated by Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was left in the Chamber with Austin Theory, who backed away from Lesnar and then he tried to run away from Lesnar. Theory hid in a pod, so Lesnar kicked the pod and hit Theory with a suplex on the outside mat that was outside the ring. Lesnar grabbed Theory and Theory hit a low blow uppercut. Theory did a rolling dropkick and a DDT for two with Lesnar doing a power kickout. Theory left the ring, he climbed up the cage and he tried making his way through the chains, but Lesnar went up after him. They were standing on top of a pod with Lesnar sending Theory’s head into the plexiglass. Lesnar picked up Theory on the pod and Lesnar gave Theory and F5 off the pod onto the mats outside the ring. That was a rough bump for Theory. Lesnar put Theory in the ring and Lesnar pinned Theory. That meant that Lesnar was the new WWE Champion after 15 minutes of action.

Austin Theory was eliminated by Brock Lesnar

Winner AND NEW WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

Analysis: **3/4 I was hoping for a better match, but it is what it is when Lesnar is involved these days. They wanted to do Title vs. Title at WrestleMania and this was a way to make Brock look very strong going into WrestleMania. I would have preferred it being done in a different way with a Lesnar-Lashley showdown for a few minutes at the end of the match. Instead, Lashley did a worked concussion angle and flew all the way to Saudi Arabia to not even enter the match with the WWE Title on the line. I was definitely surprised by that booking. Lesnar destroyed everybody else quickly except for Theory, who managed to get a few moves before Brock destroyed him. That F5 off the pod onto the mats below looked brutal. Theory took that bump on his legs and he should be fine, but it was still high up there. Anyway, no surprise by that result.

After the pin, Lesnar mocked Theory by “taking a selfie” with his own hand. Lesnar is now a 10-time World Champion in WWE.

The graphic was shown letting us know that at WrestleMania it will be Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in a Champion vs. Champion.

Analysis: That’s a stupendous graphic in Vince McMahon’s opinion. Here we go again with Lesnar and Reigns at a WrestleMania – this time with two titles up for grabs. I’m thinking Brock wins, but I don’t know for sure.

They showed replays of the match. Theory was getting checked on by doctors in the ring.

Lesnar celebrated with the WWE Championship. Lesnar even posed for photos with some fans by the ramp. The show ended with Lesnar walking up the ramp.

This event had a runtime of 2:50:29 on WWE Network.

Five Stars of the Show

  1. Brock Lesnar
  2. Bianca Belair
  3. Becky Lynch/Lita
  4. Drew McIntyre
  5. Austin Theory for taking that F5 bump off the pod.

Final Thoughts

I’m going with a 6.75 out of 10 for this show.

It was a solid show but I wouldn’t call it great or anything like that. It was predictable for a lot of it because I think most of us knew about some of the directions going into WrestleMania. There were not any major twists or turns, nor were there any big surprises. They wanted to keep the show under three hours, so some of the matches were shorter than I expected. Elimination Chamber matches are often in the 25-30 minute range, yet on this show, they were both around 15 minutes.

Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Title again was expected, so was Bianca Belair winning the Women’s Chamber match while Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns kept their titles. The two other matches were about making babyfaces look strong like Rousey/Naomi winning and Drew McIntyre dominating as well. Hopefully Madcap Moss is okay after a bump on the top of his head. I also felt bad for Bobby Lashley flying all the way to Saudi Arabia to not even be in the ring due to a storyline injury.

There wasn’t a standout match or anything that I’m going to remember for a long time after the show, so that hurts it. I think Becky and Lita might have had the best match. I was really impressed by them and happy Lita got the big ovation even after a loss. The Chamber matches were okay. I just think they could have been better since they have been booked better in the past.

Bring on WrestleMania in six weeks and get used to WWE saying “stupendous” about 427 times between now and WrestleMania night one.

Here are the PPV rankings for 2022 so far.

Day 1 – 7.5 (January 1)

Elimination Chamber – 6.75 (February 19)

Royal Rumble – 6 (January 29)

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