Vince McMahon Will Not Return To WWE

Vince McMahon WWE

A high-ranking TKO Group executive is adamant Vince McMahon won’t be back.

After being accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking Vince McMahon was ordered to resign from his position as Executive Chairman of the TKO Group. While McMahon continues to deny the allegations, his position with TKO had become untenable.

The move brings to an end his involvement in WWE, but some fans have wondered whether he could try and stage yet another dramatic return. However, TKO President Mark Shapiro has reiterated that McMahon won’t be back.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference, Shapiro was asked whether the company was involved in Vince McMahon selling off 5.3 million TKO shares worth around $400 million.

“We did not participate in the recent sale on Vince McMahon’s load that he dropped off. This is now his second time. He’s gone from 28 million shares to 15 million shares. He now roughly has 8.5%. We’re not in conversation with him. We don’t talk to him, we don’t know his motive, his plan, his timeline, what if any, he doesn’t consult with us. He doesn’t work for the company. He doesn’t work at the company. He doesn’t come into the offices. He’s not coming back to the company,”

Vince McMahon Censored In WWE 2K24

The comments from Shapiro come after it emerged that Vince McMahon has been blurred out of scenes in WWE 2K24.

Following the release of the game, it’s been discovered that McMahon’s face has been blurred in several scenes in Showcase Mode.

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