Gable Steveson In WWE – “Nobody Is Talking About Him”

Gable Steveson NXT

The Gable Steveson buzz appears to have died down in WWE.

The Olympian made his long-anticipated debut for the company at the NXT Great American Bash, following in the footsteps of fellow gold medalist Kurt Angle.

Unfortunately for Steveson, the debut was not the dream match he was hoping for. Facing Baron Corbin at the PLE, Steveson was not well received by the live crowd in attendance and the match would end in a no contest following both men being unable to answer to 10 count. The criticisms would continue after the match, with one Hall of Famer being quoted as saying that Steveson “Ain’t no Kurt Angle.”

An update on the status of Steveson following the in-ring debut has been published in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It is stated that the Olympian was referred to in passing but nothing was furthered in his rivalry with Corbin, with it being mentioned that the double count-out was done so that they could build to a rematch. When backstage personnel were asked about Steveson following the debut and the negative fan reaction, the response they got was “Nobody is talking about him.

What Is Next For Gable Steveson In WWE?

It is unknown whether Steveson will continue to pursue professional wrestling or compete in the national championships. Being a contracted WWE talent, he would need to be granted permission to compete in an outside tournament, and this permission is yet to be confirmed.

Steveson was recently seen by wrestling fans in a segment on WWE Raw that was not broadcast. In a non-televised segment, Dolph Ziggler was in the ring and mocked the Minneapolis crowd for their lack of heroes. Ziggler was interrupted and attacked by Steveson, who got one of the biggest cheers of the night.