Gable Steveson Took Out Ex-World Champion At Raw

Gable Steveson WWE

Gable Steveson shut up a former world champion at Raw in a moment not seen on TV.

Gable Steveson recently made his in-ring debut in WWE when he competed at NXT Great American Bash against Baron Corbin. In what might have come as a surprise to the company, Steveson was heavily booed during that match with the fans in Texas choosing to cheer on Baron Corbin. The bout ended in a double count out and that result was not at all well received by the fans in attendance either.

Now the Olympic gold medallist has been featured on the 7th of August Monday Night Raw in Minneapolis, Minnesota in a segment that did not air on television.

What did Gable Steveson do at Raw?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Steveson being at Raw and noted that he received a very different reaction in front of fans in Minneapolis from the one he got at The Great American Bash:

So he was on the show tonight, he was not on television, but he did a big angle with Dolph Ziggler. And because it was Minneapolis and he is from Minneapolis, he was cheered like crazy, I heard it was one of the biggest pops of the entire show and he suplexed him around the ring when Ziggler was running down – basically saying that there are no wrestling heroes in Minneapolis.

“He [Steveson] went out, they went into it and so, I don’t know if he is still doing the World Championships or not, and I don’t know what is next for him on television, but he was on the show tonight.”

Gable Steveson is believed to want another tilt at amateur glory and possibly a shot at another Olympics in Paris in 2024. But with his WWE career apparently ramping up, he may have to miss out on those opportunities.

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