Baron Corbin Thinks WWE Fans “Frustrated” By His Role

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin explains his recent surprising crowd reaction.

At NXT Great American Bash, Baron Corbin was back in action on the brand as he gave Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson his debut match in WWE. The bout went to a double count out that was not well received by the crowd inside the H-E-B Center but during the match itself, the crowd reaction might have been even more surprising.

After years of being a villain in WWE Baron Corbin was cheered by the Texas crowd while Steveson was greeted with jeers and chants of “you’re not Angle” in response to WWE’s only other Olympic champion.

Speaking to Adrian Hernandez, Baron Corbin explained why he thinks he received a positive reaction against Gable Steveson and that made his case to WWE to start doing things his way:

“They (powers that be in NXT) let me be very hands-on and hands-off as well and look at Great American Bash, people were cheering me… It does (resonate). I think the audience, as much frustration that they have with me or whatever, they’re also frustrated because they wanna see me be successful.

“The fans get frustrated too and they want to say he deserves shots, he deserves a championship. That’s kind of translating with this character. I’ve seen it online, on TV. There is a true feeling behind it. I’ve been here for eight years on the main roster. I’ve done everything that’s been asked of me.

“There is a line, I don’t cross it. I’m not a squeaky wheel, I don’t complain. I’ve never complained on social media. I said it’s my time now. Let me do this as me.”

How long has Baron Corbin been in WWE?

Baron Corbin first joined WWE as part of the NXT brand in 2012. Despite the reactions that Corbin has received in recent years, he proved to be popular on the black and gold brand as he dominated opponents with the fans counting out the seconds during his very short matches.

Corbin made his main roster debut at WrestleMania 32 where he won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He also captured the US Championship as well as the Money In The Bank briefcase but he was saddled with several name and gimmick changes that saw him become Constable, King, and Happy at different times.

Baron Corbin returned to NXT on May 30th after being left as a free agent following the most recent WWE Draft.